Downloading your videos from YouTube to Put on PT Distinction

Oct 20, 2015

By Tim Saye

If you are one of the many members who have come to PT Distinction from softwares that ask you to save all of your exercise videos to YouTube here is how you get your videos back.

The idea that clients should have the distraction of YouTube multiple times in a training session and that anyone can steal your exercise videos (its illegal but actually very easy to steal other peoples videos on YouTube.... I'd show you how easy it is but that would get me in to trouble!!) does not appeal to us one bit. We exist, to make you look good!!

Anyway, getting to the point... Here is how you can download your own videos from YouTube

If you want to then add your videos to PT Distinction to create your own, very professional, distraction free custom exercises here is how you do it! Click here to add custom exercises to PT Distinction