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Demo: Custom iOS App Branding Since Apples Changes

December 12, 2017
tim saye

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In May 2017 Apple changed their rules to no longer allow custom apps in their app store.

Due to this we changed the way we customise branded apps in iOS. What we came up with is a great solution and works very well for a high level of customisation and branding.

Your clients don't see any PT Distinction branding, do see all of your branding, have your images and colours and even your icon on their mobile phone.

Rather than tell you how great our solution is Ash made a video to show you exactly what happens when you get a new client who uses your new style custom iOS app.

So far every trainer has been happily surprised by how effective this app branding is. There's no doubt it's the best level of customisation and branding available anywhere for an iOS app unless you make your own. Sadly this costs upward of $20,000 to start and $500 a month in maintenance and updates to fit with Apples iOS changes. This would be for a very basic app.

For those trainers with the old style of custom app, Apple no longer allow updates to these apps. This means any major improvements and updates will only be allowed when you switch over to the new app. This you can do at any time that suits you, just send us a message via the contact form.

When the new PT Distinction V3 apps come out early next year I'm confident every trainer will want to move over to the new app as it's truly outstanding.

The V3 apps provide your clients with a user experience way beyond that on any other personal training software or app. This will give you a big advantage in the online personal training market.

For some extra ninja tips and tricks to power up your PT Distinction experience check out Ash's brilliant blog over at

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