Creating a Flagship Program on PT Distinction

Feb 7, 2017

By Tim Saye

In this video and blog we show the process of creating an online flagship program in just a few minutes using PT Distinction

Creating an online flagship program is very popular among personal trainers at the moment. The reason for this is they provide an excellent way to get clients, scale your business and help a large number of people online.   

The process of creating a top quality flagship program used to be very difficult and time consuming, there was a need to create everything from scratch then link up a membership site, email service, payment processing and scheduling software just to produce something that didn't even give you your own app.  This is a time consuming process and gives an end product that many clients find impractical to use in a training environment. However, with PT Distinction you can automate your entire flagship program, link it to your fitness challenges, set up your email marketing and more using just one software.

As an added bonus your program is then presented inside your own website and your own app. Your clients see the software as completely yours and will have no clue PT Distinction even exists. They will also be able to download their programs inside your app to view exercise videos, record results and more even when no Internet connection is available.

When you set up and automate your challenges and flagship programs using the worlds most powerful personal training software you can focus your time on providing incredible support and added coaching to your clients and members. I highly recommend doing this by using a Facebook group for your clients as this is where people love to hang out online. Facebook groups get far better interaction than any other type of forum and have been shown to increase client happiness, increase client retention and even increase the number of people signing up to your services via referrals from happy clients.

This videos walks you step by step through the simple process of creating and automating your flagship program

Creating an online flagship program goes hand in hand with with creating an online challenge. To see how to create an awesome online fitness challenge check out the video on this blog -

To get a feel for how the whole process will work for your clients and what it all looks like for them when using PT Distinction this video shows how your coaching and programs look to your clients inside your own website and app.