Create Great Online Personal Training Content in Minutes

Apr 10, 2017

By Tim Saye

Content is a hugely important part of running any business particularly an online personal training business. The likes of Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, really love content and they love good content put out on a regular basis. Their algorithms are designed to reward people that put out really good content, consistently.

If you're at the top of YouTube, the top of Google and you regularly put great content on social media then there is no doubt at all you will have a successful online training business. Therefore I thought I would put this together letting you know a great way to ensure that you've always got great content to put out and that you can create it very, very quickly.

When an idea jumps into your head that is the moment when it's fresh and when you're excited. Even if you write it down and wait a little while before creating the actual piece of content you have often lost that initial spark that made it great.

Here are two ways you can just get that content done there and then when you think about it;

Option 1)

Speech to text apps have come a long way since their early, rather frustrating introduction. Right now I'm using ListNote which works brilliantly on Android. A highly rated text to speech app on iOS is Dragon Dictation.

Using these apps you talk into your phone and it turns it into written words, unlike most I used in the past ListNote is very accurate. Then you can just add to it and play around a little bit to create a really nice written piece of content. The key to this is that you get it out straight away and it will take you a couple of minutes at the most.

Option 2)

This idea is similar but you also get great videos.

As soon as you think of a great idea, make a video, just turn on your phone and speak into the camera. It doesn't matter if you look great, doesn't matter if the background is good or the lighting is good, just get that idea out there so it's done at the moment it feels exciting. If you produce a fantastic video then that's absolutely brilliant you've got a great piece of video content, you can put that on YouTube, rank it on Google, you can put on Facebook, Twitter etc.. However, even if it's a rubbish video and everything's wrong with it but the contents and words are good you can go to a website called Trint. With Trint you put in the video, it will take what's said in the video and turn it into words.

Now you have a written piece of content that has taken you just a few moments to create. In a perfect world you would have a great video and a great article. You can put these together on your blog for huge benefit on Google and can spread them out across all of your social platforms.

With both of these methods once it's transcribed you will need add in links and edit to make it sound like a written article rather than the spoken word, but they will get your ideas out and down when they are fresh in your head and when they're exciting to you. It will also mean your content creation takes you a couple of minutes rather than the drawn out process it can be for many.

If you create more high quality content than others in your niche you will have a huge advantage. If you have better systems and delivery of your online training programs as well then you will dominate. To get your perfect systems and delivery of online personal training set up join our free master-classes here.