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PTD Flow - Create an Automated Pre-Made Package in Under 5 Minutes

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June 14, 2024
Tim Saye

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Welcome to the sixth in our PTD Flow video series, where we show you how easy it is to do online personal training with PT Distinction .

In this episode, we will show you how to create an automated pre-made package in under 5 minutes using the PT Distinction personal trainer software.

Transcript of Video

Here I'm going to show you how to set up a pre-made package really easily   that clients can sign up either on your website or via a link that you give them and they will be automatically added and given all of the coaching that you want them to have, all automatically.

You can then do whatever you want with their coaching you can personalize it or add to it and they will get to log in via your web portal and by your apps and get your content straight away.

It's an epic feature and I'll show you how easy it is to do.

Come up to the burger menu and click on packages. You'll see a list of any packages that you've made already and you can come over to add a package.

There's a guide for you,   it tells you pretty much how to do it and you walk through the process.   give it a name, click on next. You then select the groups that you've got set up that you want clients added to automatically.

For this, I'll do a challenge and what I'll do is I'll get them to join on the next Monday.

You can do it on a date if you want everyone to start at the same time or a day, and I will select Monday. Now you can al  add them to other groups and because I will want them to have  something straight away on signup, I'll add them to my onboarding group as well.

I'll go to PTD Ninja onboarding and I'll leave that as now and then press next you can do as many groups as you like.

You then have the option to automatically remove clients from groups.   let's say you've got an email marketing group and that's been sending out marketing to them to get them to sign up, you could just find that group here and, and select to have them removed from that group when they sign up to your package.

It's very, very clever. Obviously you don't have to select anything here and select the type of payment you want.

You can have one-off, no payment or a subscription. And then you select the amount and currency and the period of your payment.

It can be in months, days, weeks or even years.

I'll do every two weeks. And here you can also click to include a free trial period.

That's a free period they get at the beginning and then payment will be taken later on. You've got a few more options.

You can include phone number fields.  If you want to get your clients phone numbers when they sign up. You can include that if you wish to.

Most people probably won't do. You can use your time zone or allow clients to choose their own time zone. You can preset the gender.

If you don't want gender to be on the form, then you can just preset this one and the gender field will not show up on the form and then you can set it later on if you wish to. You've al  got the option for people that don't complete their sign up.  

They might give you an email address, but they won't give you their payment details. You can actually add them as an inactive user, which means you won't get charged for them, but you could add them to a marketing email group.

If I choose premade emails that's there to follow up with them. They didn't sign up yet, but I've got my email set to go in that group and, and they can then be brought back in to come and sign up later.  

That's quite a good move as well. If you want to, you then set the duration.   this is for one off. If you've got one off payments then you can set the duration that they're added for or come down if you have a subscription and a grace period.  

If they missed their payments or their payment failed, you can set a period over which they still have access in order to make that payment.   it's set at three days, but you can change that to whatever you want.

It also lets you choose between one way messaging or two way messaging for when clients are automatically added. That means either just you message them and they can't message you back. Or with two way it's just your normal two way messaging.

You will have the option to send the login details email or not now because in this setup I've added them to my PTD ninja onboarding.

I know that they're going to get a welcome email with their login details.  

I'll just switch that one off and that is now it the package is completely set up.

All you need to do from this point on is you can share a link.  

Just copy the link and then send that link out to prospective clients or put it on your  social media anywhere and they can sign themselves up.

Alternatively, you can actually have the signup form embedded in your own website.   Just copy the code and then take that over to your website builder. There is a little summary of exactly what's included in your package down at the bottom.  

As you can see, really, really easy to set up a pre made package. And really powerful clients can sign themselves up.

They can get going straight away. And you've got much flexibility. Once you close that down, you can see that your packages are there. You can check them, you can edit them, and you can add any packages that you like.

You've all got sales here,   you can see how many packages you've created. Any sales will come in here, show you how much, show you who signed up and every other detail that you need.

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