Changes to Adherence Percentages on PT Distinction

Sep 14, 2017

By Tim Saye

To help you provide an even better online personal training service we have improved the way your clients check-in percentages and adherence levels are calculated.

Your clients can check-in to say they have completed any item you put in to their schedule. This can inlude training programs, aseessments, forms, questionaires, habits, coaching videos and documents, and any other tracking you add for them.

Previously the software worked out their check-ins as a percentage of every item in their schedule regardless of date, this could give a slightly misleading adherence level as it included future enents in their schedule.

We have changed this to only include items that are scheduled up to the current time and date. This means each percentage shows your clients adherance up to this point giving a much more reflective result of how well your clients are doing.

All of these totals and percentages show in very easy to read charts on your clients activity page.

This video shows exactly what these adherance charts show and how they work.