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Best Udemy Courses on Online Fitness Marketing for Personal Trainers

June 14, 2022
tim saye

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The success of your personal training business rests on your ability to spread the word about what you're doing (AKA: fitness marketing), reaching your ideal clients. While all personal trainers recognise how effective word of mouth referrals are, online fitness marketing can drastically expand your reputational reach in today's digital world.

Of course, given that your skills largely rest in the fitness world right now, the chances are that successful marketing may seem like a stretch too far. In the future, you may even wish to outsource your marketing tasks to focus on what you're best at, training and coaching clients. For now, though, building your business to a stage where that's an affordable option will often mean upskilling your marketing prowess and learning how to create a successful online fitness marketing strategy.

Introducing Udemy for personal trainers. You can enrol in a wide range of courses that tap into whichever marketing niche you feel requires attention. Udemy had over 40 million learners as of May 2021 and hosts over 115 million minutes' worth of video content.

90% of the learning can be done via paid courses, but they start at a price as low as £19.99, and Udemy often has limited time campaigns for discounted courses. If your goal is to learn digital marketing skills to take your personal training business to the next level at a super low budget, Udemy is an excellent choice.

Check out the following high-quality, undeniably practical marketing courses available on the platform right now.

# 1 - Digital Marketing Course for Fitness Professionals

Check the Course on Udemy:

Grasping the basics of online fitness marketing doesn't get much easier than this comprehensive digital marketing course for fitness professionals. Developed by digital marketing expert Srinidhi Ranganathan, this course effectively offers a complete resource for spreading your wings online using everything from artificial intelligence to digital marketing tools and all of the latest tech.

Available with the benefit of lifetime access and certification on completion, the course covers a range of crucial topics, including:

- The power of viral marketing

- Inbound marketing tools and techniques

- Connecting with fitness enthusiasts online

- Autopilot marketing tools

- And more

No prior experience is required, though specific cloud-based tools are covered throughout the course, some of which may require payment, including automated marketing tools, advanced retention tools and inbound marketing tools.

# 2 - How to Make Money as an Online Trainer

Check the Course on Udemy:

This inclusive course is designed for fitness professionals planning to operate as online trainers and covers every possible element of online operations, including top tips about establishing an online brand across social media accounts, a fitness website, and outlets for additional programmes/resources.

Dedicated sections covering digital marketing strategies, professional social media and web design are particularly worth attention across the impressive 5.5 hours of on-demand video available for users of this course, which also covers crucial topics such as the use of online personal training software and even outlets like apparel for personal branding.

# 3 - The Complete Digital Marketing Course: 12 Courses in 1

Check the Course on Udemy:

As the title suggests, this complete course for digital marketing covers all areas of online success, including social media, SEO, email, and beyond. 500,000 students with little to no experience have already benefited from these lessons for a wide variety of business uses, personal trainer success included!

A dedicated focus on specific platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube can especially provide all of the tools necessary for building a network of clients. At the same time, lifetime access to these tips makes it possible to adapt to online platforms as they evolve with always-fresh knowledge about the best ways to succeed online.

#4 - Social Media Marketing – Content Marketing Masterclass 2022

Check the Course on Udemy:

As well as covering more general content-based marketing strategies, this 42-part course, developed by Mark and Philomena Timberlake, covers content specifics, including:

- Blog and article writing

- Social media scheduling

- Filming and editing videos

- And more

While it is recommended that students have a basic existing grasp of social media setups, this course fundamentally works to make posts across these platforms more lucrative overall. Students also gain access to a free Facebook community which can further these teachings thanks to regular updates, tips, and tricks according to the changing tide of social media.

#5 - SEO Training 2022: Complete SEO Course & WordPress SEO Yoast

Check the Course on Udemy:

This complete Search Engine Optimisation training course provides step-by-step SEO walkthroughs, Google compliance training, and the use of on-page content, among other things. Even for students without an existing website, additional training will be given to creating a mobile-friendly web page.

At the same time, those already online can dive right into this regularly updated course packed with tried and tested strategies across 31.5 hours of video content. A complete 30-day money-back guarantee is available if you don't see results. Still, the extent of SEO topics covered across the surprising 176 available lectures makes it unlikely that you'll struggle to improve the ranking of your personal trainer website after gaining this certification.

#6 - Digital Marketing Certification: Master Digital Marketing

Check the Course on Udemy:

Over 100,000 students have already become online media experts with the help of this course curated by digital marketing professional Alexandros Fatsis. Personal trainers, too, could benefit from a comprehensive digital marketing certification that considers all areas of online success, including:

- Google Ads


- Social media

- AdWords

- Content marketing

- And beyond

Suitable for anyone with a full grasp of the English language, the course comes complete with a step-by-step guide for every topic, providing valuable instructions and specific methods for profitability.

Especially useful for trainers just getting their business off the ground, an official digital marketing certification is available to collect on completion, and a 30-day no questions money-back guarantee that makes certain that this investment is worth your business' while.

#7 - Online Marketing: SEO and Social Media Marketing Strategy

Check the Course on Udemy:

With claims that it can help you reach as many as 1,000,000+ people using social media and SEO techniques, this online marketing course is well worth the attention of any personal trainer looking to grow. As well as teaching about branding yourself and your business as an authority, this 39-part course can help increase publicity and press coverage and ensure all students are aware of cutting-edge marketing focuses like voice SEO.

Learners are also given an opportunity to join the office hours of course founder Alex Genadinik for a rare chance to seek first-hand advice and guidance from a 3-time bestselling Amazon author with over 10 years of experience, complete with a 99% reply rate in as little as an hour.

#8 - Email Marketing 2021: Build and Launch Effective Campaigns

Check the Course on Udemy:

Ron Stefanski's marketing course sticks to the specifics of successful email marketing by taking a comprehensive view of the subject, including covering the topics below:

- Launching your first email campaign

- Getting started with email marketing

- The basics of an email marketing platform

- Writing effective emails that inspire action

- Growing your email list to increase revenue potential

While it's not a requirement that students have experience using email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, being familiar with them helps you learn faster and more effectively. The course was designed for people completely new to email marketing or those who have tried getting the hang of it with no success so far. Ron aims to show you how you can build up your email marketing strategy from scratch and use it to grow your fitness business.

#9 - The Complete WordPress Website Business Course 2.0

Check the Course on Udemy:

For personal trainers looking to develop or perfect their online presence, this complete WordPress website course provides invaluable insights, including an advanced understanding of WordPress's inner workings and what a successful website looks like.

Across 18.5-hours of on-demand video, this 13-part course certainly covers all aspects of WordPress workings, including everything from hosting, plugins, the recent and most successful themes, DNS and domain settings and more. While this course can be used to build a web design business on its back, personal trainers can learn how to develop their own fitness websites on WordPress using the latest developments for the best success with their online marketing.


Personal trainers who might not have a big budget just yet to outsource their fitness marketing tasks can instead invest time in learning the tips and tricks of all areas of digital marketing and accelerate their road to success. Udemy is an excellent option for that but be vigilant. There will be courses out there not worth your time or money, so ensure you check reviews and the authors before paying your hard-earned money.

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