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A Simple way to Write an Effective Homepage

February 16, 2018
Tim Saye

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One thing a lot of online personal trainers struggle with is writing a homepage that helps you attract clients.

So, here's a really simple guide to writing an effective homepage that gets people signing up.

1) Have a headline that grabs attention – This is usually the biggest benefit or promise of your program i.e. -

“Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days Without Having to Count Calories or Go Hungry.”

2) Clearly define what you do in one short sentence, make this your sub-headline i.e. In PT Distinction V3 we will use -

“PT Distinction is everything you could ever want or need to be a successful online personal trainer, all in one place.”

3) Add 4-6 bullet points with benefits of your service and what it is about your service that creates these great benefits. i.e. -

“Save time and expensive gym fees by training from the comfort of your own home”

“Make healthy eating easy with quick to prepare, tasty recipes that melt the pounds off”

4) Show lots of Testimonials and results - Ideally presented in a couple of different formats I.e. video testimonials, Facebook screen grabs, quotes from clients with head-shots and/ or before and after photos.

5) Add a video showing the inside of your service and how it makes getting results easy for your clients. - Make this short and friendly. Use this video as a way to take away any fear of the unknown.

(If you have the money a 90 second professional explainer video can work very well – This could be placed higher up the page, directly under your sub-headline.)

6) Show more great testimonials if you have them.

7) Offer something free to sign up to, or, have a strong guarantee.

I.e. Have a free trial, PDF download, sample program etc.. or create a firm and bold guarantee such as...

“If you follow the program and record your results you'll drop a dress size in 21 days or I'll give your money back and coach you for free until you do.”

8) Add a strong call to action to sign up and make it easy for people to contact you, i.e. -

“Click here to get started today (just a 60 second sign up and you're in)"…

Alternatively give me a call today on...... And we can chat through any questions you have.

9) Add in some scarcity if you can, ensure this is true though, i.e. -

“Due to the high level of support I give each client spaces are strictly limited to X. Get started now to secure your place or risk missing out until the next space opens up.”

Some Extra Tips

- Have good, clean design and imagery throughout the page that visually reflects the benefits of your service. For this reason I always recommend getting a professionally made website if you can afford to.

- Don't write to much unless you're a skilled copywriter. Use bullet points with short explanations where possible.

- Don't try to get too emotional, good benefits elicit an emotion in your reader without having to create a sob story. Yes, people buy on emotion but that emotion can be excitement. Use benefits to make people excited to join your program and you will sign people up for fun....

Studies show that when something makes people excited or happy they share it, when something makes people sad they often keep it to themselves

- The key is in the editing. After you've written the page, run a good spell checker over it, remove all waffle, then take out any unnecessary wording I.e. change you are to you're.

- Read it out loud before editing it again to and make it flow when read aloud. Repeat this process to make it as smooth as possible.

- Leave it over night and read it out loud again, edit if necessary.

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