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9 Top Tips to Create a Converting Landing Page

January 28, 2022
tim saye

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A landing page can have many functions, but the one we are going to focus on in this post is lead generation. We recommend keeping these steps in mind as you plan, and then create your landing page. Which will ultimately help your traffic turn into online coaching leads.

Include all critical elements of an effective landing page

What is a landing page? Landing pages, sometimes called lead capture pages, are used to convert visitors into leads by completing a transaction, becoming a customer, or by giving you their contact details. To make these conversions happen, it is vital that the landing pages you create consist of the following:

- A headline

- A brief description of the product, or offer that clearly (and quickly) gives the benefits of the product, or unique selling point.

- At least one image, or even better a video.

- Product, or service proof. This is where you will add any testimonials or reviews.

- A form, to either capture client details or to purchase your product.

Remove the Main Navigation

To keep, or not to keep your navigation? We see this debate played out on many landing pages. In general if you've gone to all of the effort (and cost) of getting a potential customer to your landing page, the last thing you want them to do is navigate away from the page.

Let’s stop distracting your potential customers, our goal as online personal trainers is to cause as little friction as possible to get that paying client. Removing the main navigation will give you a quick win, and will help you get those customers.

Match the headline of the landing page to your main Call to action (CTA)

The next stage is to make sure the headline of your landing page is the same as your main CTA on either your social post, email, or paid adverts. This will help your coaching clients understand exactly what it is you are offering. I am sure you have had the experience of seeing an advert, or social post clicked through to the landing page only to be shown either a different offer or have completely irrelevant content on the page.

This can lead to confusion and distrust. Remove any doubt or confusion and make sure your landing page reflects what you are offering.

Too much information

This has happened to all of us. You see an exciting offer, or product and click through to the landing page. The problem is that there is so much content, you just lose interest and leave. Remember that your target audience is busy, you need to grab their attention immediately (in the first 5 seconds) Make sure you only add the detail that is necessary on your landing page.

What is your offer, or product's value?

Ensure that after you have completed your headline you highlight the unique selling point of your product (USP). Ideally, you can do this with bullet points, which can highlight the value of your offer and will give your potential customers who have visited your landing page a clear idea of your product and how it can help them.

Social Sharing

Once again, adding any additional tools or widgets on the landing could distract your customers. An example of this is social sharing. We recommend asking your customers to share the product or package via their social media channels after they have signed up. This will minimize distractions and also give you the opportunity of having your offer, or product shared via social networks.

What information to ask for?

Ask for too little information and you may not have a qualified lead, but asking for too much will only see your potential client leave without signing up. Now, this is a balancing act - Just think of the details you need. If it's just for a taster session you may want to ask for a name and email. But if it's to purchase a product you will need a name, billing address, and card details. You may want to consider having two phases of the signup process for purchases.

The CTA button

This is the most important, and probably most undervalued part of your landing page. Choose your final CTA wisely. Are you offering a free nutrition plan in exchange for an email? Then the CTA could be “Download Plan” If it is a package you are selling then the CTA could be “Buy Now”. Non-specific CTA’s could cause some potential customers to leave without converting.

Add testimonials and reviews

Your customer's time is short and anything that could potentially scare them off from converting will potentially lose you a customer. Try adding these elements to your landing page, which will increase trust and allow you to shout about your happy customers:

- Add all necessary privacy messages and data protection notices

- Add customer testimonials and reviews. Even better if you can get video testimonials.

- If you're accepting card details, include all relevant security logos.

Following these steps when writing or reviewing your landing page will ensure you're maximizing your chances of getting more clients for your online training business, coaching those clients is then easy with PT Distinction!

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