9 Online Fitness Business Ideas to Inspire You

Getting Started

Jun 30, 2021

By Tim Saye

Whether you plan to launch a brand new online personal training service or take your existing fitness business into the digital arena, taking inspiration from the best online fitness coaches is always a good idea. 

While you won't want to copy their exact strategies, this research provides deeper insight into a range of challenges and opportunities concerning this space. In turn, you will be better positioned to;

- Stand out from the crowded online fitness coaching arena,
- Target a niche demographic that yields conversions and profits,
- Learn about pricing models and think about upselling options,
- Break down the obstacles of no face-to-face interactions,
- Maximise client retention rates for stable results.

Learn a lesson from each of these 9 highly successful coaches, and you'll be ready to become your own success story in fitness.

Coach #1. Caliber 

Caliber Strong online personal training brings a group of world-class online coaches together, making it one of the biggest and best resources for online fitness. This enables the company to offer dedicated one-on-one personal training services via the online domain while guaranteeing an outstanding level of understanding.

The platform shows that collaborating with online fitness coaches can be one of the best ways to boost your business. It also highlights the benefits of offering personalised plans rather than 'cookie cutter' training. Crucially, Caliber uses a range of strategies to achieve maximised engagement for short and long-term rewards. Clients regularly stay with the platform due to consistent results and because trainers work to let users understand the methods implemented.

Coach #2. Kayla Itsiness

Kayla Itsiness enters the marketplace with a defined goal: to help women achieve their bikini bodies. Straight away, she has a defined target audience and a clear strategy in place. Women who want to achieve a better body image and physique know that this platform is built specifically with those results in mind.

Kayla's dedicated expertise in the field can encourage quick transformations and lasting results. She also clarifies from the start that all clients will need to work hard to achieve their targets. The lack of pretence is something you can look to borrow as it will ensure that active leads have a far better chance of conversion. Likewise, the people who sign up are more likely to succeed, leading to positive reviews and a better portfolio. 

Coach #3. Scott Laidler

Scott Laidler's services have gained global fame, and there is one key reason: it offers truly personalised training plans. Clients choose the digital arena for convenience, cost, and comfort, but they do not want to sacrifice results. Personal fitness and nutrition prevent this threat.

All programs are tailored to an individual's goals but fall into the categories of 6-week, 12-week, or 24-week plans. From a business perspective, it works very well because most clients want quick results.

A lack of improvement is one of the main reasons why people quit before reaching their goals. The short-term programs also offer individuals a chance to focus on one target before moving onto the next. For example, they could lose weight and then think about improving their athletic performances.

Coach #4. Do You

As an online fitness coach, you must accept that different clients have contrasting goals. For many, starting a new regime is about rediscovering (or even discovering) a positive relationship with exercise. Do You is one of the best online yoga and fitness platforms for focusing on an enjoyable activity that offers a plethora of physical rewards.

The platform has a heavy focus on yoga and its benefits for the mind, body, and soul. The online delivery also allows members to embrace the routines at home or in an environment that feels comfortable. The 15-minute workout options are also a great alternative that opens the door to time-starved individuals. For example, office workers are in greater need of the added flexibility, which makes excellent sense. Do You gets its audience, which is a crucial lesson for aspiring online fitness coaches. 

Coach #5. Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong is another service dedicated to women. It incorporates nutrition, training, and mindset coaching personalised to the client's goals and body composition. Crucially, their online personal trainer team understand the female body and how to unlock its full potential by focusing on its strengths and weaknesses.

The Girls Gone Strong team is contactable at all times via the App, while members also have the benefit of one-to-one coaching from their dedicated trainer. Aspiring online fitness coaches can undoubtedly learn a thing or two about the value of client care and transparent communication, as is underlined by the weekly check-ins offered by the service. 

If you're a personal trainer who wants to work with women, you can even complete courses created by Girl Gone Strong to enhance your knowledge on the topic and improve your coaching skills.

Coach #6. James Smith

An Englishman living in Australia, James Smith is widely regarded as one of the most popular online fitness coaches on the planet. And he has additionally become a bestselling author and enjoyed sell-out tours. At its core, though, JSA (James Smith Academy) is all about getting people fit.

The program stands out thanks to its USP of encouraging users to set goals that will actually improve their lives rather than focus on what social media platforms regularly promote. From an online personal trainer's perspective, there are two intriguing components to consider. Firstly, the free macro calculator gives visitors an instant sense of value while also capturing their contact details to follow up leads. Secondly, the 12-week challenges add a competitive nature for increased motivation.

Coach #7. Rachael Tibbs

Rachael Tibbs is an online personal trainer with a difference in that she focuses on helping golfers perfect their bodies for improved performances from the tee to the green.

It is a model that highlights several lessons for aspiring online fitness coaches. Firstly, a niche audience can often bring even greater rewards than focusing on a generic approach, especially when you work on something you love. While the client base is smaller, reduced competition means you can become a successful online fitness coach in your chosen field. Moreover, focusing on a specific area allows you to encourage better transformations due to dedicated knowledge. 

Coach #8. Lucy Sewell

Relatability is a crucial attribute that many prospective clients want from a personal trainer. It is an even greater demand if you have experienced problems in the past. Lucy Sewell uses her personal experience of eating disorders to help clients in a similar boat with nutrition and fitness. 

The heightened understanding of what customers feel can make a massive difference in keeping them on track. If you are an online coach who can use your personal journey to attract a specific audience, you should. Sewell has transformed her life, and seeing that inspiration can spur clients on. Her Home Strength programs are ideal for anyone who feels a little self-conscious during the early phases of their journey. Offering something more than other online coaches can win the day.

Coach #9. Joe Wicks 

Joe Wicks has become an even bigger name in the UK thanks to his digital PE lessons throughout the pandemic. Aside from opening the door to new audiences, it has shown the power of video content and its ability to deliver a personalised atmosphere even when the content is provided to a mass group.

The Body Coach has been well-known for several years, though. The brand is distinct and precise, while the "Lean in 15" program, which has covered HIIT workouts and meal planning, has resonated with audiences around the globe. Perhaps most tellingly, Wicks has tapped into the idea of using his personality as a USP for the brand. It has enabled him to find customers from many demographics without alienating any of them.