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9 of The Best Podcasts for Personal Trainers

July 14, 2021
tim saye

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As a personal trainer, it is vital to stay in the know! You need to keep up to date with everything that is going on in the industry. One of the best ways to do this is by tuning into a podcast. You can listen to a podcast while driving to work or while exercising.

It is a great way to pick up advice and tips from leading professionals and listen to interesting discussions about what is going on in the industry at the moment. Not to mention picking up tips if you're planning on launching your own fitness podcast at some point, you can get inspired and learn from the bests. So, with that being said, let's take a look at 9 of the best podcasts for personal trainers.

#1. Personal Trainer Mentor

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Personal Trainer Mentor is a podcast that Kate Martin runs. The podcast is all about running a successful fitness company.

Kate focuses on a single topic on every episode, which means that you can easily listen to podcasts you feel are most relevant to you. It also makes them very easy to search. Most of the episodes are around 20 minutes in length, so they are easy to follow and digest. There is an odd occasion whereby a more extended format podcast arises, typically because an industry leader is being interviewed.

#2. How To Become A Personal Trainer

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How to Become a Personal Trainer is hosted by two personal trainers, Mike Vacanti and Jordan Syatt. The pair focus on actionable, practical advice that can help you to become a better personal trainer.

There is a lot of emphasis on coaching clients online and growing your fitness business on the Internet. Most episodes are around 60 minutes in length. The format is a conversational one, which a lot of people enjoy.

You tend to find that more than one topic is covered in every episode. Therefore, it is a good podcast if you're going to tune in on a religious basis rather than looking for specific subjects.

#3. The Dumbbells

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Next, we have The Dumbbells, a fun podcast hosted by Ryan Stanger and Eugene Cordero - two comedians from America. The episodes have a conversational, casual, and funny style, providing a good mixture of educational content. The episodes are published approximately every week, lasting an hour each time.

The relaxed show often includes interview guests. One of the good things about this is that many of them have their own podcasts too, so if there is a guest you like, you will be able to get access to more of their content.

#4. Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

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The Mind Pump podcast has been designed to expose and correct the myths that have plagued the fitness sector. You won't run out of content here either, as there are new episodes every few days. Most of them are around one hour in length.

Four friends run the podcast, and they will use evidence-based scientific principles to dig deeper into some of the biggest myths in fitness. There is a broad focus on this podcast, covering everything from training to nutrition. We find the timestamps in the show notes very useful, as it enables you to locate answers to specific search queries in a matter of minutes.

#5. LTB Podcast

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LTB stands for Lift The Bar, which is a company that provides personal training courses. Chris Burgess, from a podcast later in our list, is also a part of the LTB group! However, it is not Chris who hosts this podcast. Rather it is Stuart Aitkin.

In this podcast, he hosts interviews with experts in the industry on several different topics. The majority of the interviews are around an hour in length. This podcast has been running for over three years now, so there are some great episodes to listen to if you have never listened to them before. New episodes come out every Monday, so tuning in is a great way to start the week.

#6. Ben Coomber Radio

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Another one of the best fitness podcasts out there at the moment is Ben Coomber Radio. No prizes for guessing who the man behind this podcast is! Ben will typically release a new episode every three or four days.

Sometimes, he will have a guest on the show, and sometimes he will go it alone! Many different topics are covered, including how fitness impacts our lives on a daily basis, nutrition, and how to run a coaching business.

The episodes' length varies considerably, and you will find a lot of useful and beneficial guidance that you can use to further your career as a personal trainer.

#7. Personal Trainer Daily

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If you are yet to find the perfect personal training podcast for you, you may want to consider Personal Trainer Daily. This is one of the newer podcasts available today, and it comes in short doses which are to the point and easy to take in.

The man behind the show is Chris Burgess of Lift The Bar, and he uses this podcast to answer questions he receives from personal trainers. The format is one question per episode, and so it makes it very easy for you to find the answers you are looking for yourself. The podcast is very straight to the point, so there is no fluff to get through either when listening.

#8. The NASM-CPT Podcast

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Another one of the best podcasts for personal trainers is the NASM-CPT Podcast. This is the official podcast provided by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and so it comes highly recommended. New episodes come out on Thursdays every week, and they tend to be around an hour long.

Rather than being aimed at the casual fitness enthusiast, these podcasts are targeted at industry professionals. Expert guest speakers often come to the show to share their views and advice.

The focus is very much technical mastery. Programming, strength and conditioning, and corrective exercise are just some of the different topics you can expect. As the podcast has been running since the summer of 2019, there are a good number of episodes for you to get through if you want to start listening.

#9. The Online Trainer Show

Last but not least, we have The Online Trainer Show. This podcast has been created for personal trainers who want to build their business online. Online personal training is thriving at the moment, so it is a great podcast to listen to if you are looking to venture into the digital fitness space.

Jonathan Goodman, a leading industry expert, runs the podcast alongside Ren Jones and Carolina Belmares. There are new episodes twice per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They focus on coaching, training, and marketing.

The episodes are easy to keep up with, and they tend to be less than an hour in length. You get lots of helpful suggestions that you can implement, such as advice on time management, habits, books, routines, tools, and software.

Wrapping Up

When your goal as a personal trainer is to learn as much as you can about running a successful in-person or online fitness business, you might want to consider getting hooked up on podcasts you can listen to while doing activities where reading or watching videos isn't possible.

Whether you're on the road driving, out on a long run or maybe even prepping food, you can still focus on improving your skills as a personal trainer by tuning in to some of the best podcasts aimed at personal trainers. You can also pay close attention to how the host manages their time, how they interview their guest and what else they do really well to make their show enjoyable and engaging. Those little secrets might help you do just that when launching your own fitness podcast.

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