9 of the Best Booking Software for Personal Trainers

May 23, 2018

By Tim Saye

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review in 2011 showed that companies which established contact and confirm bookings with customers in less than an hour after receiving an online lead are 7X more likely to get the business. This is one reason the automated sign ups in PT Distinction are so powerful, with that said many personal trainers could still benefit from having a quality appointment booking software alongside powerful coaching software.

It’s a known fact that most prospects drop businesses when they face difficulties establishing contact with them. Using seamless and robust booking software will help personal trainers and fitness studios retain valuable prospects and enable conversions.

While we're in the process of creating a booking and payment software inside PT Distinction, to help you find the best, we’ve collated a list of the top 9 booking software every personal trainer, fitness coach and gym owner should be aware of.

- GymMaster

GymMaster by Treshna Enterprises is a membership management software that offers gym owners the ultimate control over managing their members and controlling operation.

Administrators can log in from a variety of devices and can access customer records with ease. The software features include member data management, class and trainer scheduling, can work as a payment gateway and even control security access.

Packages start at $85/-month, and 24/7 online support and on-the-job training is part of the package. You can book a free demo with one of their trainers to have a better understanding of its functions.

- Appointy Review

Appointy Review by Appointy Software Inc. is one of the most pocket-friendly booking software available for personal trainers. Starting at $19.99/-month, the software offers a variety of services including appointment and session scheduling, email marketing, data analytics, CRM and plan customization.

With its amazing GUI and extremely easy-to-setup feature, Appointy Review is easily one of the best booking software on the block. Customer service is amazing with admins having the option of contacting specific teams who specialize in various areas of the business. The software is also mobile-optimized.

- Pike13

A cloud-based scheduling and booking solution, Pike13 offers a comprehensive array of features including appointment management, attendance tracking, check-in and check-out tracking, employee management, payment management and more.

Easily customizeable, scalable and extremely easy to use, it is perfect for mid-to-large-sized fitness centres. Live webinars, online training, and documentation are add-on benefits, along with the robust customer service. A free demo is available. Currently, the price tag starts at $129/-month. The software can be deployed on multiple devices.


YouCanBook.me is one of the most efficient and easy-to-use scheduling software available. Both clients and employees can view open slots for sessions. Clients can easily select their classes and make payments upfront on the platform. Employees can edit the calendar at the backend, with just the click of a button.

Extremely efficient, this software provides admins complete 360-degree control over appointment scheduling, attendance tracking, payment management and employee management.

The software receives timely updates, and the highly-accommodating support crew makes set-up and software implementation a breeze. The software is priced monthly and stands at $10/calendar month.


Offering an extensive suite of membership management features, PushPress is an excellent option for personal trainers and fitness chains alike. Right from meeting scheduling to point-of-sale management, every single backend operation is supported by the software.

PushPress allows clients and trainers to book classes, schedule sessions and create contracts for memberships. The software is extremely easy-to-use, and admins needn't have any background in software/tech to master it. Customer representatives are extremely dynamic, and 24/7 online support is available.

Packages start at $99/-month.


At just $19 a month, Schedulista is in the top three of the best booking software on a budget. All-encompassing software, it allows admins to schedule and manage appointments, sessions, and classes with ease.

The software can be used to send booking links to customers via mail, Facebook and SMS, who then need to fill a short and simple form to complete their registration. A confirmation message will be sent to clients, and they will be directed to a personalized booking page on the platform.

Customer service is only available during business hours, but the amazing number of features and deployment options make the software completely worth it. A free 15-day trial is also up for grabs.


SimplyBook.me is one booking software that is compatible with multiple content management systems. The software comes pre-installed with state-of-the-art plugins which make the entire backend operations seamless. The software syncs easily with Google Calendars and fits in comfortably with other software you intend to integrate.

The interface allows clients to easily book their sessions with trainers on the software. There is no mandatory registration, which saves time for clients looking to make a quick check-out.

The software sends regular reminders to clients and trainers via mail and SMS text message and offers the option to modify session bookings on the platform.


A free trial, a 20% discount on the yearly subscription, a mere $12/month subscription, and a free version to top it off, 10to8 makes the top of the list as the most budget-friendly booking software available for personal trainers and fitness studios.

10to8 offers an extensive selection of booking and appointment management solutions to users. Whether you're looking for help with attendance management or payment tracking, you can rely on 10to8. The software syncs easily with Google Calendars, iCal, and Outlook. It allows clients to book via mail and SMS text links with ease. A personalised, auto-generated confirmation message is instantaneously sent to clients, along with regular reminders of upcoming sessions. Two-way communication is also possible on the software.

10to8 supports Stripe and PayPal as the primary payment gateways. All data stored on the software by either clients or the admin is encrypted for added safety.


Team Up is one of the most revolutionary booking and gym management software personal trainers can find on the market right now.

The features include class and private session bookings, payment gateway, package setup, participation tracking, trainer and client management, online store that can integrate to your website, marketing tools and software integrations.

Price starts at £49 per month, but you can try the software for free for 30 days. Dan at My PT Website wrote a full software review so trainers have a better understanding of its features.