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8 of the Best Fitness Business Coaches

March 27, 2019
tim saye

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After the recent article about how to recognise fake fitness business coaches who prey on unsuspicious personal trainers, I decided to collate a list of mentors and coaches who have a great track record in helping fitpros with their online business and marketing needs. This is a list of people I think are doing a great job in the industry, however, I always suggest you do your own research in to any coach you want to work with to make sure they align with your ideology and approach.

The list is in no particular order.

Sukh Sidhu

Online Fitness Business

Sukh isn't just successful in the personal trainer niche. He has set up a successful shoe business, a successful gym and a successful online training business, he now uses all of that knowledge to provide a no BS online fitness business coaching service that has seen hundreds of trainers achieve great success online.

He's not a fan of the 6-figure fitness mentor trend and is committed to helping aspiring online personal trainers understand what it takes to become successful in the online fitness industry.

Tim Drummond

The Breed Mastermind

Tim Drummond was originally a personal trainer who became successful in wedding transformations. He was featured in various magazines in the UK, mastered online fitness coaching, then launched The Breed to mentor fellow aspiring personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness business goals.

He is also a published author. His book, The Prosperous Personal Trainer can help you understand how to get results with online clients and how to set up your marketing strategy so your ideal clients will find you.

Dan Salcumbe

My Personal Trainer Website, Institute of Personal Trainers

Dan's an expert in fitness website design, online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). He is also provides an incredible amount of free courses, guides and downloadable resources.

Dan started as a personal trainer in Harrogate living out of his caravan. He's helped hundreds of PTs over 8 years to master their marketing skills and help them help more people achieve their fitness goals. Today he lives in Thailand and continues to create beautiful websites and be the SEO "guru" for those who want to build their inbound online marketing strategy.

Jon Goodman

The PDTC , Online Trainer Academy

Jon's name will sound familiar even if you never had any direct contact with him or one of his businesses. He's the founder of The Personal Trainer Development Centre (The PTDC), a fitness expert on Instagram, the father of online personal training education via the Online Trainer Academy (OTA) and he also published several books to help personal trainers develop their skills, whether they train people in-person or online.

If you'd like to pursue a career and be successful in online training, joining his free Online Trainers Unite Facebook group is a great idea. I have interviewed him for the PT Distinction blog, and the man has much wisdom to share with aspiring personal trainers and online fitness coaches.

AJ Mihrzad

Online Super Coach

AJ is a published author, a successful online personal trainer and the founder of Online Super Coach, his business mentorship program helping coaches around the globe to build ethical and profitable online businesses.

AJ uses a tried and tested 5 step formula and has helped hundreds of trainers grow, and scale a successful online business. His 5 steps to success are 1. Authority, 2. Attract, 3. Warm Up, 4. Sales , 5. Infrastructure, 6. Grow

James Moody

Remote Fitpro

James Moody is the CEO and co-founder of Remote Fit-Pro, a comprehensive service for fitness professionals worldwide that provides mentoring, systems and infrastructure for aspiring online personal trainers so they can create the freedom they need to live the life they always wanted, while helping their clients achieve amazing results on their fitness journey.

Together with George Crawshaw, they run The Remote Revolution Show, where they interview successful remote fitness business owners on topics that can help you build the remote business of your dreams.

Paul Mort

I am Paul Mort, Marketing Muscle Inner Circle

Paul Mort has an impressive track record in launching businesses and making them hugely successful. He created a boot camp brand that spread over 19 locations in 4 countries before he sold it so he could move to Marbella with his family. He also launched his supplement brand and founded the Marketing Muscle Inner Circle.

Paul has a no-nonsense approach to business, is painfully honest to trigger action but also is knowledgeable, relentless and genuine.

Charles Portugal - The Art of Online Fitness Coaching

Charles background is in economics, business management and digital marketing. His coaching service is solely focused on helping aspiring fitpros get their online fitness business off the ground by using his proven lead generation and online marketing tools and systems.

I recommend joining his free Facebook group and get a feel for how he can help you get online clients.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the fitness business mentors and coaches in this article started from scratch and have a track record of building successful businesses. They have all helped other personal trainers get results and grow they're online personal training business. They worked hard to master their craft, and once they achieved all that made them feel accomplished, they moved onto bigger ideas so they could help even more people transform their lives through fitness. These are the kind of coaches that will be committed to helping you achieve your business goals and more.

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