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5 Lead Magnet Ideas for Personal Trainers

July 20, 2022
tim saye

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In one of our most recent posts, we explained all about creating effective lead magnets. However, we know that some of you may feel slightly overwhelmed! Don't worry, though, as we've put together some ideas to inspire you.

When creating an effective lead magnet, you must offer value to the prospect's life. Choose something that will give them instant results in a specific area. They will see that your methods are effective and want to know what else you can do to enrich their lives and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Because of this, you need to consider your ideal clients, their unique needs and circumstances when brainstorming lead magnet ideas for your personal training business.

Another aspect to consider is the services you offer. If you're primarily working on training with clients and don't offer any nutrition help, it doesn't make sense to use nutrition guides. However, if body composition is crucial for your target audience, offering something that helps them tidy up their nutrition habits can be a big hit.

So, you can consider your lead magnet a teaser for your services, offering your audience a solution to their specific problem. With all that said, here are 5 lead magnet ideas that work for various clients.

Lead Magnet #1: Calorie Calculator

Goal: Body composition - weight loss and building muscle

A calorie calculator can determine the number of calories your clients should consume per day based on their current weight, activity levels, and objectives. Such a tool helps to make sure they're consuming a safe yet effective quantity of calories each day.

There are plenty of great calorie calculators that you can integrate into your website. You need to pay for most of them, yet there are some free options, such as Yazio's calculators.

Not only does Yazio provide a calorie calculator, but they have free tools for calories burned, ideal body weight, and BMI, so you may want to consider using these as well. You can customise the calculator to suit your brand colours.

All you need to do is to set up your calculator, grab the code and add it to a hidden page on your website. It automatically adjusts to any screen size, making it perfect for mobile users. Then all you have to do is to create a campaign where you send that link to new leads after they give out their email address.

Lead Magnet #2: Diet Cheat Sheet - Easy Swaps for Weight Loss

Goal: Weight loss

Staying in a calorie deficit is challenging. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by replacing certain ingredients and meals.

The trouble is that many people do not know where to begin. A helpful cheat sheet can be of great use here, offering suggestions on what to swap, such as fattier meats to be replaced with lean ones, salad seasoning swaps and more.

There are many different approaches you can take when creating cheat sheets. Another example is to do a cheat sheet for Saturday night takeaways. If your clients often have takeaways on the weekend, show them healthy yet simple alternatives, or reveal the most nutritious options on the menu. You can do the same for alcohol, creating a cheat sheet for those who enjoy a few tipples on the weekend.

These cheat sheets are excellent for showcasing your knowledge. People will see how small changes can make a massive difference and want to find out what else you can do to help them achieve their goals.

Lead Magnet #3: High Protein Meal Ideas

Goal: Build muscle mass

Not everyone will want to lose weight. Creating a lead magnet with your target audience is always imperative. So, to attract clients who want to build lean muscle mass, provide them with some high-protein meal ideas.

Protein is the building block of muscles. Consequently, eating sufficient amounts of protein is essential for people who want to promote muscle growth, whether they want to build big muscles or look lean.

Many people don't know how to add more protein to their diet, though, and that's where you can come in with your high-protein meal ideas. From Turkey Falafel Meatballs with Lemon Yogurt Sauce to Spicy Pork Chops with Pineapple, there are lots of delicious high-protein recipes online that you can use for inspiration.

Lead Magnet #4. Free Goal-Specific Workouts

Goal: Varies (bodybuilding, fat loss, strength)

Another excellent consideration phase lead magnet is to create a free workout plan or video for prospective clients based on a specific goal. This could be anything from strength building and bodybuilding to fat loss or marathon training.

It's essential here to consider the sort of people you're targeting.

By really understanding your audience, you'll be best placed to put together a workout that will be right for them. For example, if you work with 50+ women who want to feel more mobile, prevent niggles and feel healthier, a short mobility and stretching routine they follow for a week will make them feel amazing and ready to get more of your expertise.

When developing goal-specific workout plans, they should also be time-specific. Make sure they are relevant, measurable, and achievable. People feel motivated and inspired when they see results, encouraging them to hire your services.

Lead Magnet #5. Free Trial for Group Training

Goal: Accountability and motivation

Lastly, a free trial is the most effective lead magnet if you offer group training services. This works for both in-person and online group coaching.

We know that the thought of creating a free trial can be pretty overwhelming. Many personal trainers assume they will spend too much time on something that will not bring many returns.

This is definitely not the case if you're a PT Distinction member. You can build out the entire trial plan in our software so that onboarding people can happen on autopilot. Plus, if your free trial is impressive, it will make your business even more money.

Acquire More Clients via Lead Magnets

We hope the lead magnet ideas mentioned above inspire you. The most effective lead magnets tease the visitor enough to prompt action. The potential client sees some initial results, so they start trusting your service and consider becoming a paying client to achieve more with your help.

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