100 Percent Online Hybrid Training

May 26, 2017

By Tim Saye

100 percent online hybrid coaching sounds like a bit of a contradiction because hybrid is basically a mix between face to face and online personal training. But you can do it 100 percent online and you can do it very, very easily.

This is one method that will suit trainers who love to get technique right, who love that one to one relationship with their clients, love spending time with their clients but also want to enjoy the many benefits of being an online coach an online personal trainer.

You have an initial assessment over Skype, you would check the movement screens, check their basic techniques and do whatever assessment you naturally do with face to face clients. Then you take and you make their programs for the month ahead. From here I would suggest you get them to go away for one week and go through each program once.

At the end of the week you schedule in a face to face session that would be delivered over Skype or Zoom or Face Time. In this session, you go through one set of every single exercise in each of those programs. Here you're looking at how they're performing each exercise, the weight/ intensity they’re using and then showing them how to make it perfect.

After this live session leave them to carry on with their programs for the rest of the month. Then as you create their next phase of programs you fix in another Skype session where you go through the technique and show them exactly how to do it before leaving them to get on with it themselves for the rest of the month. Of course you would still add in all of your communications, motivation, nutrition coaching etc.. as they go along.

This online hybrid method gives your clients a little bit more confidence, gives you the chance to build that relationship up, gives you the chance to make sure their technique is correct and they are working at the right intensity level. However, you can still offer great value and coach someone the other side of the world.

This style of online training is a bit more time consuming than most so it will be more expensive. But, it's a great option to offer to your clients.

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