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PT Distinction

Branded As Yours

PT Distinction is re-packaged for you, as your own:
  • You get your own branded apps. These have your icon, logo, colors, background and images
  • Your clients' login and sign up areas are fully integrated into your current website
  • Integrate your email address so that emails and client login details come from you, not us
  • When clients print programs out your banner is at the top
Your clients will have no idea PT Distinction exists.
custom branded online personal training apps
Online fitness group training

Save Time and Give More With PTD Groups... 10 X More Powerful Than Templates

Want to share something with all your clients or a group of clients at the same time? PTD groups is the ultimate time saver for quality online PTs.
You can create, share and schedule delivery of training programs, assessments, emails, questionnaires, coaching, results tracking and more for as many clients as you like at the same time.
Think of the possibilities with this. You want to schedule a monthly assessment for all of your clients? 3 clicks and it's done.
How about an email series? Some coaching videos? Habit tracking? An interval program? etc etc... 3 clicks and it's all shared with as many of your clients as you like.
The content goes straight in to your clients private account so they don't know that they're part of a group... Unless you wish to tell them.
If you want to coach large numbers of online clients without having a team of trainers at your disposal this makes PT Distinction your ultimate helper.

Full Online Coaching Features

All top Personal Trainers know that long term results come from coaching and empowering clients to improve their day to day eating, training and lifestyle habits. PT Distinction's online personal training software gives you the opportunity to coach clients online in the same way you would face to face. You get to coach your clients via video, text and PDF, then check how they're getting on with food diary, adherence charts, habit tracking, progress photos, body stat measurements and more...

Results Tracking and Charting

Quite simply the most powerful and flexible tracking and charting system online today. Your clients get visual illustrations of their progress causing them to stay with you longer and recommend you to friends.
100% flexible tracking system that records multiple variables on every exercise and across multiple program phases, this then produces graphs of your clients’ progress.
You can set up results tracking for anything you like.... Nutrition habits, lifestyle habits, goals, body stats, assessments and more can be tracked and charted.
PT Distinction fitness results charting software
PT Distinction fitness results charting software no chart
Online personal training software integrated into your website

Turn Your Current Website In To A Super Powered Membership Site

  • Membership sites are a vital part of being a SUCCESSFUL online personal trainer. 90% of trainers that make a good living online have membership sites.
  • Integrate PT Distinction in to your website, link some payment buttons, then set up and link a PTD Group and you have one of the most powerful, and flexible, membership websites possible today...... (We’ll even show you every step in doing this with follow along video, even the most computer challenged trainer can do it in under 25 minutes).
  • Use PT Distinction to set up email autoresponders alongside your membership site. This allows you to add extra coaching, tell client stories and upsell in to your more personalised packages.
  • Integrate with the best online marketing tools, Aweber, Mailchimp, Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft, PayPal and more for ultimate flexibility and big online growth.

The Most Advanced Client Apps On The Market

Your clients can:.
  • View their programs with videos and descriptions of every exercise.
  • Record exercise results in seconds. Faster than on any other app.
  • Film their exercise technique, then view it alongside correct demo videos. These videos instantly upload in to your account so that you can give your expert guidance.
  • Record and track nutrition habits, goals, lifestyle habits, body stats, activity levels and more.
  • Take and save progress photos instantly.
  • View their coaching videos, recipes, coaching documents etc.
  • And fill in a food diary or adherence chart.
You have a version with all of your clients on. Useful when training them in person or checking their progress when out and about.
Full and premium members get these 100% branded as your own apps!!
PT Distinction online personal training app on iPhone 6
Online personal training software integrated into your website

Offer Free Trials On Us!

Free trials are a great way to get clients and show them exactly what you offer.
We let you add clients for one month, showcase your amazing coaching, show them your apps, show them the inside of your website and blow them away (as you are four steps ahead of any other PT!). And because we genuinely care about your success, we cover the cost so you’re never out of pocket.
We even teach you how to use free trials to get paying clients!

Extensive, High Quality Exercise and Assessment Library

"I have never seen exercises and combinations of exercises so well thought out for online training."
Dan Salcumbe
The Institute of Personal Trainers
1000+ Exercises with videos filmed simultaneously from FRONT AND SIDE angles
Quality exercise descriptions written by top trainers and all fully editable
"Bloody Nora - This exercise database is off the chart!"
Matt Ashbolt
Revolution Lifestyles
online personal training technique

Instant Client Technique Coaching

Worried about your online clients exercise technique? We have even solved this problem for you.
Your clients can video their exercise technique from inside your apps, they can then view it side by side with the correct demo videos.
This gives your clients instant visual feedback on their technique and how they can improve it.
These videos then upload in to your account so that you can give your expert guidance.

Custom Exercises and Assessment Tests

If we don't have the exact exercises you want or you just want to add an even more personalised touch you can add your own exercises and assessments in a few clicks.
Upload your videos in whatever format you want and we will automatically process them to make them compatible with all computers, smartphones, smart tvs, your apps etc. No messing around with YouTube etc and totally professional.
Online personal training exercise video
PT Distinction automated personal training software

Automate And Schedule Anything

You can set up packages or free trials that allow potential clients to just sign up, set their own passwords, then login via your website or your apps. You can add new content, assessments, programs etc.. any time, for any client.
This means you can offer instant free trials, or, forms and welcome emails delivered on sign up.... you can even offer completely automated training packages to impact thousands of people and earn you money while you sleep, rest, work or play.
This will allow you to help many more people and to expand your impact exponentially.

Meal Plan Database

While all great personal trainers know meal plans don't produce long term, sustainable results, they can help get clients going and give them some structure and ideas.
Search our database of over 100 ready to go meal plans complete with full recipes and shopping lists.
Just select your client's goal, sex, weight and food type and instantly get suitable meal plans.
These all come with disclaimers that ensure you avoid legal trouble and work within a personal trainer's scope of practice.
PT Distinction meal plans
Online personal training email software

World Class Email System

Emails are a vital part of getting clients in the modern day online environment. They are also a great tool to coach, praise and inspire your current clients.
With PT Distinction you can send one off emails, schedule emails or set repeating emails very easily.
You can do this for individual clients, groups of clients or all clients at the same time.
You can even automate the delivery of welcome emails and entire auto responder sequences.
This really powers up the value and conversions from your programs and free trials.

Complete Set Of Forms And Questionnaires and Custom Form Builder

Remove the difficulty from receiving and storing your client's information. At the same time avoid potential legal problems.
Easily add a selection of forms to a client's account which can be filled in, saved online and referred back to via the client's dashboard.
If the forms and questionnaires we have don't cover your exact needs then we have an incredible form builder with all the features of Google forms and the ability to take online signatures from your clients on any device.
  • PAR Q
  • Simple Consultation Form
  • Informed Consent Form
  • Medical Analysis
  • Lifestyle Questionnaire
parq form
Online personal training email software


You can easily schedule everything for your clients so that all they have to do is click on their schedule and see what they need to do today.
To make this super easy and fast to do you can schedule any program, habit, results tracking, forms, coaching videos etc. on multiple days, weeks or months in 3 clicks.
You can also create schedules for multiple clients at the same time and automate them on any challenges, free trials or products if you wish to.


Any time your clients log a result, check-in, update progress, record their exercise technique, view coaching videos/ documents, fill in forms and more you get an alert letting you know and showing you exactly what they've done.
If a client is coming towards the end of their scheduled training programs you get a warning to keep you updated.
This helps you easily keep track of what your clients are doing, how they're progressing and when they need a little extra attention.
parq form
PT Distinction online personal training app on iPhone 6

Full Marketing Education That Guarantees You Will Get Seen By Thousands Of Potential Clients And Build A Successful, Profitable Online Business

We break down every step for you to earn an online income between 5 and 1000 times your monthly PT Distinction subscription
Free coaching from some of the industry's leading experts - Janak Patel (Selling to big numbers at lower prices), Tim Drummond (high end online PT), Paul Mort and Tim Saye.
Every single step broken down. Simply follow, add your personality and ideas, and succeed.

Of course you also get all of the usual stuff that you might hope to find in run of the mill online personal training softwares, such as:

  • A program builder
  • Client management dashboard
  • Assessment builder
  • Food diary
  • Adherence charts
  • Copy and edit any programs or assessments
  • Video tutorials showing you how to do everything
  • Highest grade security certificate keeping your client information safe
  • Ability to make templates etc...
Simply put, we give you the worlds finest online personal training software, we brand it 100% to you, we show you how to use it, we teach you how to be a very successful online personal trainer, and we give you the things you need to have a large impact in the modern world of fitness coaching. Nobody else can offer you this!!!