V3 Switchover - FAQs

Jul 20, 2018

By Tim Saye

Our Facebook group and email inbox are blowing up with messages about V3. It seems everyone's almost as excited as I am!

To help you prepare, here's answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Will the change happen automatically?

Yes, on Monday we will make the switch from PT Distinction V2 to V3. Everything will automatically switch over. This includes all training programs, scheduled messages, groups, templates, coaching items, assessments, forms etc...

Your online client login and website integration should automatically update to the new sleek,easy to use design. All of the content you give your clients will be in there.

Will there be new apps to go with the V3 software?

Not yet, the current apps will work alongside the V3 software if you wish to use them. The V3 software is beautiful on mobile for you and for all of your clients. Most of our beta testers have migrated clients from the app to the new software but the decision is yours.

We've added an option to the emails which will allow you to automate a daily email to your clients with their days schedule in it. This means your clients won't need to use apps for reminder notifications.

What new features are there?

So many cool upgrades and improvements, too many to list so I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Monday!

V3 is all about making the things in V2 better, smoother, more powerful and faster to use.

Think building individualised training programs in 45 seconds, or having pie charts and timelines for habit tracking rather than a bunch of brand new features.

Does V3 look different to the current software?

Yes, it's as sexy as software gets!

Will it be a steep learning curve?

Most of our testers picked it up almost straight away. V3 is designed to be incredibly easy to use despite the crazy power hidden under the bonnet.

if you could navigate V2 you should find V3 ridiculously easy and have no problems at all. If you found V2 a bit difficult or clunky to use V3 will be a joy!

What sort of support will be on hand?

There are new quickguide videos which show you everything in the new software. These also show the new navigation and speed of doing everything.

Our whole team will be on hand via the new “Help Desk”, email, and Facebook to help anyone that needs it.

The live Masterclasses will be V3 Masterclasses from Monday onward.

We plan to do a live broadcast in the Facebook group on Wednesday to answer any questions you have and demo anything you need help with after your first few days of playing.

That's the plan but we're happy to jump on a webinar or FB live at any point if you want some live demos.

What should I tell my clients?

Let clients know you have a new design coming for your online coaching, it's beautiful to look at and really easy to use. The new design keeps all of the same great coaching, and features you used before but makes them much more enjoyable to use.

The new design will be live on Monday.

Clients apps will be the same for now but if they want to use the new set up on mobile it works brilliantly via your online login. We hope to have new iOS and Android apps that reflect the new software in 4-5 months time.

I previously cancelled my PT Distinction membership/ trail, can I get a new trial?

We get it, V2 has it's strengths but it's not for everyone. V3 is so good we want every great trainer to try it. If you previously thought PT Distinction wasn't for you we'd love to welcome you back with another free trial and show you what we can do for you now!

I'll send you a link on Monday to activate your new trial.

I can't wait to show you our revolutionary new software on Monday.