Upgrade; Schedule Online Coaching Videos, Recipes, Coaching Documents, Forms and Questionaires.

Jun 24, 2016

By Tim Saye

We’re creating massive improvements to the scheduling system on PT Distinction. The first part of this is complete and ready for you to use.

You can now schedule coaching videos, recipes, coaching documents, forms and questionnaires to go live on any date for each of your clients……. This includes any of your 100% automated packages or free trials.

This goes alongside the existing ability to schedule your clients training programs, assessments and emails.

You can now set up complete coaching packages in one sitting and let us drip feed its delivery in to your clients accounts over any time period.

From a coaching standpoint this will allow you to;

- Schedule habits for your clients to work on and set them to go live any time.
- Schedule a coaching video to go with each habit and explain the benefits to your client.
- Schedule the delivery of their training programs.
- Schedule forms such as PARQ and Liability waiver to go in to your clients accounts automatically when. joining, or lifestyle questionnaires and custom forms to go out regularly when needed.
- Schedule new recipes to go into your clients account each week or month.
- Schedule regular assessments for your clients.
- Schedule emails to go alongside everything, that guide your clients and keep them engaged.
- Automate packages that just drip feed all content to your clients exactly when you want them to have it
- Provide free trials that give a glimpse of what you offer and demonstrate that you add new content regularly.

If you want to you can set all of this up in one go and just let it happen!! Though of course you can change anything, at any time you like.

You can do this for each individual client, for groups of your clients or for all of your clients at the same time.

You can also edit, change and re schedule anything for any individual client.

Having the ability to do this while setting up your programs, assessments, emails, coaching, tracking and questionnaires from one place (no need to semi integrate any outside apps here!!!) will make your life easier, save you even more time and keep your clients happy long term.

This is all a part of a much larger project that will make scheduling everything, keeping track of your clients and all calendar functions very time efficient and easy……. If you think any other software has good scheduling and client overview features you will be amazed by what is coming!

To get playing around you can login here, go to any client or group dashboard and hit the “add coaching” button https://www.ptdistinction.com/login

If your not already a member then feel free to test us out and see how much we can help your business grow.