Updates to PT Distinction

Aug 7, 2015

By Tim Saye

We have an exciting period ahead with lots of updates in the pipeline. Here's what we have coming for you in the next few weeks.

The Apple app is updated to have the tracking and charting system integrated, if your not sure what this is here is a video we did on it a couple of months ago Click here.

The Apple app will also allow you to chose all colors to suit your brand. Once the Android app is updated you will have the option to have your apps submitted to the Android and iOS stores as completely your own, with your icon, logo and app store position. The ultimate level of customisation.

The new design - is very nearly done, its been 7 months in the making and, to be honest, a frustrating wait. With that said, it is well worth the wait. This will give a massive visual improvement to what you see on our online personal training software and more importantly to what your clients see when they login.

Meal plans - We have designed what can only be described as the most complete nutrition coaching platform out there, think the best bits of My Fitness Pal, Fitpro Client Recipes and Evolution Nutrition combined. Then add in a sprinkle of PT Distinction inventiveness and you have a good idea of what's to come..... Sadly this will take us a long time!


In the mean time we will be putting up a database of meal plans suitable for all of your clients needs. Alongside these we will have disclaimers that will get you around the fact that personal trainers are legally not allowed to give out specific meal plans.

All this will be coming over the next few weeks with much, much more over the months to come.