Updates to Our Online Personal Training Software

Dec 11, 2014

By Tim Saye

We have had quite a few requests for a space to put in weight and RPE on training programs. Due to this we have added in an intensity column to the program builder.

This gives you the flexibility to relate the intensity to whatever you feel best i.e weight lifted, effort used, % of maximum reps etc...

If you want to add this to currently live online personal training programs you can go to the client or groups dashboard and select edit for the appropriate programs and add them in.

For programs you make in the future it will just be a part of the program builder set up.

A couple of near future updates to our online personal training platform to tell you about;

The PT Distinction Android app is being updated to go alongside the new set up. This will be ready very soon.

The Apple app is progressing well and will be ready for use in a couple of months time.

We are also working on methods to get both apps completely customisable to appear completely like your own online personal training apps (this will be available for free to premium members and at an additional fee to Starter and Full members due to the fact that we will have to work on and submit each personalised app to the app stores individually)

As always if you have any questions then fire them my way at tim@ptdistinction.com