Upcoming Interview - Mr Paul Mort

Mar 3, 2016

By Tim Saye

Paul Mort it a fitness industry legend.

He is the man that taught me how to turn PT Distinction in to a business.

PT Distinction is 100% self funded and always was.... On a Personal Trainers wage!

It is now regarded as the
leading software for online personal training in a market that is flooded with Multiple million $ investments and teams of employees.

We have helped over a thousand personal trainers and tens of thousands of your clients.

Without the help of Paul Mort, we may have been just another failed fitness business.

I looked for a profile on Paul and here's what I found on his podcast website... It about sums him up!:

"1980- Came out of my mothers womb

1996- Left School with Just 2 GCSE’s so couldn't got into college

1996- Went to work in a Factory with a bunch of old men, got really fat

2000- Lost a bunch of weight, handed my notice in, trained to be PT

2001-2008- Worked in every gym going, doing a bunch of courses
studied with a bunch of top guys. Asked to leave the gym I PT’d in

2009- Did mobile PT, had an accident, wrote my car off, business gone but still won Young Business Person of the Year

2010- Started bootcamp, EXPLODED it to 4 Countries, 19 locations
Started mentoring a bunch of different trainers , won Young Business Person of the Year Again

20011- UK tour teaching other trainers how to get epic results, Spoke at Fitpro convention

2012- Sold Business… Moved to Marbella. Named in list of top 100 most influential PT’s in the world, after a poll

2013- Started Lean Greens which soon grew to be the UK’s leading Greens Drink, Spoke at “Weekend with Sam” in California

2014- Spoke at Bodypower convention, toured the UK speaking at Lifestyle Fitness Clubs

Started Marketing Muscle Inner Circle"

Since then I know that he sold his share of Lean greens for high multiple 6 figures and MMIC made well over half a million pounds in profit last year.

He has recently started his own TV show, set up the best named mentoring program ever 'Unstoppable Bastards' (which always sells out before the public even know about it), and, released his highly anticipated email mastery course.

Basically, the man is a legend!


He will be talking to us this coming Tuesday.

I will be picking his brain on all things selling online personal training and selling online coaching packages.

Knowledge bombs will be coming in from all angles.

The video should be up on Tuesday afternoon.

..... Oh, and we have a few more exciting announcements for you coming very soon!