Tweak to Make Custom Exercises even Faster to add

Nov 7, 2018

By Tim Saye

Despite being the highest rated personal training software on Trustpilot, Get App, Capterra and more PT Distinction is always improving.

We recently made a tweak to the way you add custom exercises, just to make it a little bit quicker to put in the tracking metrics you want your clients to track.

This video shows the tweak in action.

You add the exercise in the same way you would normally add a custom exercise, but when you come down to results and charting metrics, rather than having to add from scratch each time, you can just click “Add last”.

What that would do is instantly bring up the previous metrics that you put in, on the last exercise that you set up. You can also change them, by deleting, or, adding a custom metric if you wish to.

Just a quick little thing that will make your life even easier and save you even more time using PT Distinction.