Tracking and Charting System is Up and Live!

Apr 28, 2015

By Tim Saye

We believe it’s the most flexible exercise tracking and charting system online today.


It’s super simple!

The new system allows you to record any variable of any exercise over any number of program phases. At the touch of a button it can create charts that illustrate and compare any of the variables for any exercise over any time period.

At this point it is only in the main site. As people use it and we become 100% confident that there are no kinks to iron out we will roll it in to your integrated sites and then in to the apps.

To have a play around, login via the main site Click here and view any program. Then click on view/ record results on any exercise and you can get playing. Feel free to put in some fake dates and results to see how it works.

For your convenience, each exercise has got default settings for the variables you record and chart. However, you can change these for any exercise by going to “more” then “Edit Exercises”.

This is definitely something that most online personal trainers will enjoy playing around with and clients will love, so go and have a look now.

P.S I will get a video done on Thursday or Friday to show you every detail.