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Top Fitness Marketing Agencies for Personal Trainers in Canada

July 26, 2022
tim saye

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It is believed that there are around 15,000 to 20,000 personal trainers in Canada. While stats say the fitness industry employs about 70,000 people in Canada, the number of personal trainers is an educated guess. Nonetheless, competition can feel fierce. Trainers who dedicate a specific budget to hiring a fitness marketing agency can achieve better exposure to ideal clients.

If you're thinking about outsourcing your digital marketing strategy to a specialised firm, it's worth considering what you'll need from them and finding the company that offers that. Marketing companies are countless. You'll find those who work with a wide range of clients and specialise in one or a few niches, including the fitness industry.

Ideally, you'd like to hire a firm that knows the industry just as well, if not better, as you do. An excellent fitness marketing agency is immersed in the fitness world. They know what it takes to be successful in the field. They know the barriers that need to be overcome. They understand the type of people they will appeal to through their marketing efforts and what best works for them.

So, with that being said, let's take a look at some of the top fitness marketing agencies for personal trainers in Canada.

#1. Konnectme

Mark Aquino established this specialist fitness marketing agency after he started his career as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. He began to study business, delving deeper into areas such as digital marketing structures and marketing analytics, and now he and his team of 55 bring this knowledge to gyms and personal trainers across Canada.

Their services are primarily aimed at small-to-medium size gyms. However, they do work with individual personal trainers as well. Plus, they cover all elements of your digital marketing campaign, including custom website design, social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click management, blogging services, reputation management, drip campaigns, email marketing, SEO, and much more.

#2. Spark Social Agency

Spark Social Agency is an award-winning boutique social media agency based in Toronto, CA. While this business may not focus solely on personal training and fitness, it has a strong presence in the wellness and healthcare industry.

Spark was established in 2015, and the company prides itself on delivering the agility and creativity you would expect from a small studio with the ROI and impact you would demand from a big player in the sector.

We recommend looking at the company's portfolio to see some of their work so far. They have worked with brands such as Senzo Nutrition, Aspen Clean, and GoodLife Fitness in the health and wellness space. You can look at their social media campaigns to get an idea of the level of creativity and professionalism to expect.

#3. The Influence Agency

Next, we have another agency that is based out of Toronto. This is the perfect company for you if you're looking for influencer marketing that can get your brand noticed online.

There is no denying that influencer marketing is a strategy that has taken off as of late. It's about encouraging people with followers representing your ideal customer base to advertise your products.

It is not simply about working with celebrities. It's about teaming up with people who care about fitness, have a following that requires your services, and consist of legit, human followers rather than paid bots.

The Influence Agency has a dedicated service section for the fitness industry, helping personal trainers and fitness coaches leverage influencer marketing that can reach audiences on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

#4. Stir Marketing

Stir Marketing provides strategic planning, email marketing, social media marketing, online PR, SEO, and advertising for fitness clubs, gyms, health studios, and personal trainers. Based in Vancouver, they are dedicated to helping businesses drive engagement, build brand awareness, and grow leads.

You can expect strategic planning to meet your business goals, dedicated project managers, monthly reporting, consulting, and recommendations. From media buying and local targeting to video ads and promoted posts, they use a complete catalogue of tools and strategies to take your business to the next level.

#5. AMS Digital

An online marketing business in Belleville, Ontario, AMS Digital has been established with a straightforward goal; to help companies to do better on the Internet.

They offer several digital marketing services, including social media marketing, website design and maintenance, search engine marketing and optimisation and content marketing.

Its approach to content makes AMS Digital stand out from many other businesses on the market today. From content writing to drone videos and photography, they have a whole host of tools to ensure your content is better than the rest!

#6. Van Patter Group

Next, we have the Van Patter Group, conveniently situated in the stunning downtown core of Cambridge, Ontario. The agency is known for its creative flair and effectiveness in drawing actionable data insights.

Every decision they make is carefully thought out to help you boost your profits, achieve optimal ROI, and ultimately enjoy business success.

Again, while this agency is not specifically for personal trainers, they have significant health and wellness experience, having worked with clients such as Inspired Outcomes Coaching.

#7. Forge & Spark Media Ltd

Forge & Spark Media Ltd is a renowned business to choose if you need to give your online content efforts a boost. You can expect premium, story-rich content that connects with your audience and helps your personal training business stand out from the competition.

If you identify as a purpose-led personal trainer, you will probably find that this is the marketing agency you connect with the most. Forge & Spark can help you with web, blog and social media content that feels like you and speaks to your ideal clients.

Plus, not only can they help you to execute the perfect marketing plan for your business, but they offer strategy and training services as well. Their customised workshops are great for ensuring your business understands what's needed to solidify your brand.

#8. Stack Marketing

Another marketing company that has an outstanding reputation across Canada is Stack Marketing. They can assist with all elements of your online presence, starting with designing the perfect website for your personal training business.

The company can also help to drive qualified traffic to your site, using SEO strategies to optimise your ROI. They also provide PPC management and social media marketing.

However, one of their most impressive services is their mobile marketing packages. They recognise that more people are using their mobile phones to find personal trainers and book sessions than ever before. Therefore, you need to be in the prime spots on Google when people are doing mobile searches, and this is Stack Marketing's forte.

#9. Mystique Brand Communications

Last but not least, we have Mystique, a brand very much aimed at personal trainers who have hit a bit of a brick wall. If you've been trying to grow your company and take it to the next level but have not had much success, this marketing firm could be just the business you need.

From building your online presence to locating new customers, Mystique covers it all. They are also experts in retaining customers, which is critical for any fitness business. Plus, they can assist you in lowering your customer acquisition costs.

Ultimately, they will work with you to create a compelling user experience and build a dynamic brand so that your business makes an impression for all the right reasons.

Working with a Leading Fitness Marketing Agency for Personal Trainers in Canada

So there you have it: an insight into some of Canada's top fitness marketing agencies. All the companies we have mentioned above are outstanding marketing organisations with expertise in the fitness field. This is important because they understand your clientele and the people you are trying to reach.

In a day and age where marketing is so critical, and you need to do everything in your power to stand out from the competition, working with a specialist fitness marketing agency over a standard advertising firm makes a lot of sense.

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