The role of Automated Online Training in 2018

Jan 19, 2018

By Tim Saye

One common mistake I see from online trainers is the idea that you can set up a couple of automated packages, sell them on your website or on social media and sit back as people sign up and hand you money.

This idea usually leads to failure.

With that said in the right situations automated packages still provide a very valuable option for online trainers and clients.

In 2018 there are cheap training apps and automated programs being offered everywhere you look. This creates a high level of competition for this type of service at a price you simply can't match and make a profit.

These cheap automated packages tend to be offered more by opportunist marketers than quality Fit Pros like you.

This can give the idea that creating any form of fully automated package is a bad idea.
However, used well, automated packages can still be a valuable part of your online training business.

These are the 4 ways I suggest fully automated packages can still be of great value to online trainers and your clients.

1) Online Client Generation.

Challenges, trials and sample programs are still hugely successful sources for generating new clients.

The quality of your free offer, and having top quality email support with a Facebook group community around them, will quickly differentiate you from cheap apps and show your true value to potential clients.

2) Group Programs.

People love group fitness and weight loss, you only need to look at the classes in your local gym or the popularity of things like Weight Watchers or Slimming World in captivating audiences and getting millions of people through their doors to see this.

Having online groups makes things even more convenient for clients and can provide an amazing environment for support and getting results together.

In these group programs members expect (and even like) to have the same training programs, nutrition and lifestyle advice given to them as their fellow group members. This can allow discussion and the chance to support each other as a team.

For this type of program you create training programs, nutrition guidelines, app messages, emails and some coaching videos that go out to every group member at the same time.

Then if working with smaller groups (20 or less seems to be perfect for group chat) turn on the group chat in PT Distinction and with larger groups have a Facebook group alongside it to build on your community.

3) If you Already have a Strong Following.

When you have a strong and loyal following that you've provided value to over time you've earned peoples trust and attention.

Many of these people will buy automated packages from you simply because you made it and they know how great you are at what you do.

People will appreciate that with a strong demand for your services this may be the only opportunity they have to work with you and many will take it gratefully.

4) After You've Given Value with your Client Generation Service.

This is a similar situation to number 3. While you may not have the big name and following yet, if you've already provided huge value to people and earned their trust and attention they are much more likely to buy a product or service from you.

If you've done a great job in your challenge, trial or sample program offering an automated product as well as a higher priced bespoke service can work really well.

In all cases including great support and community around your services is a very important part of helping your clients and growing your reputation as you grow your business.

Does this mean I Think Every Trainer Should have an Automated Program?

No, many successful online trainers do very well by offering value and support in other ways such as blogs, videos, a Facebook group, webinars, podcasts etc.. then bringing people in to a more customised training service. This is usually offered via a free phone call or Skype consultation and can work really well.

A key element to successful online training is to create quality products and services with your clients needs at the forefront of your mind. If you work like this you will go a long way to getting things right.

As soon as thoughts of lying on the beach while the money rolls in creep in to your head the chances are high you will make mistakes and take a path that usually leads to failure.