The Power of PTD Groups

Aug 3, 2017

By Tim Saye

PTD groups allow you to easily run and automate challenges, trials, flagship programs and group training. We also made it possible to schedule or immediately send groups OR 1 to 1 clients assessments, videos, reminders, training programs, recipes, new habits, emails, text messages, and important updates.

Compare this to using any other software or delivery method for online training and you will soon see you can save masses of time. Everything can be shared and scheduled to hundreds of clients with the click of a button.

As all of the coaching content simply drops in to your clients personal account you can still use the groups for 1-1 online clients as well as group clients. To get the most out of your PTD Groups when training individual 1-1 online clients check out this article.

If you have ambition to grow an online business that helps more than 10 clients and gives them tools for lifelong results then PTD Groups makes PT Distinction by far your best delivery option.

This video shows you how to set up your PTD Groups in just a few minutes: