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The New PT Distinction iOS App is Live

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August 21, 2019
tim saye

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On Monday we launched the brand new PT Distinction iOS app.

This new app is a MASSIVE improvement on the previous version and takes apps for personal trainers to a new, much higher level.

The app boasts a gorgeous new design and incredibly user friendly interface, but also adds some great new functionality.

The new app adds in clients forms and questionnaires, assessments, food photos and My Fitness Pal in to the food diary, editable schedules, full screen exercise videos, a workout card view and more...

Clients can view everything you give them, fill out forms, add results, take photos in the food diary, check off habits, video their exercise and assessment technique, and more from right inside the new app.

The functionality and ease of use in this app are unrivalled in the fitness app industry and it's yours to use with your iOS clients.

Here's a few quotes we've had from trainers about the new app:

“I'm obsessed with the new app I could cry!!! Thank you for listening and working relentlessly to bring us the best of the best!!”

“Amazing job with the app guys. Seriously a HUGE improvement from the last one, all of my clients love it.”

“This app is leaps and bounds better than V2! We are super excited to get our clients started. It's so user friendly and looks very professional!”

“I'm shocked by how amazing V3 of the app is. Pretty much everything I've wanted for my clients in an app. The checking in of habits and viewing of stats in-app is perfect. All looks fab!!”

Since the launch we have had an unbelievable number of messages and the response has been unbelievably great, everyone's loving the new app!  

We've also had a large number of questions about the app so here's the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you out.

When will the new Android app be out to match this iOS app?

 We don't have a specific date as these are always very hard to predict, but the new Android app is well under construction and we aim to have it live as soon as possible.

Can I customise the new personal training app as my own?

Pro members and above can get it custom branded as your own. To do this login to the PT Distinction web portal and select “Customise my app”. The branding process is very quick and we should then be able to get your custom app live in 1-2 weeks..

In the iOS store the app will be named Online Personal Training but takes on your logo, icon, colours, images etc.. on your clients device as soon as they download it.

If you already have a custom app the app has been updated but we need to resubmit all of your logos and icons to Apple to get them approved and live. We will get this done now and hope to have them live ASAP inside the new custom app.

Where have my old messenger messages gone?

With the new app release we switched to an improved messenger system, this means your old messenger messages will temporarily disappear. These older messages will be automatically copied in to the new system and added back in within 1-2 weeks of launch. If you need them sooner just contact us via the helpdesk and we can get them up straight away for you. This won't effect any pre scheduled messages you have set up to go in the future.

Does the new app have every piece of functionality clients can find in the web portal?

Yes, everything is now in the app and it's even easier to use than before. The only thing clients need to use the web portal for is integrating their devices/ apps such as Fitbit, MyZone and My Fitness Pal.

Of course the clients web portal is still there and can still be integrated directly to your website. You and your clients get the choice of which option is best for them.

How do I get my clients on to the new app?

If it hasn't already updated for them send your clients this link and ask them to download the new app from the Apple store here -

I submitted a custom app a few weeks ago but it's not ready yet, how long will it take?

Generally custom apps take 1-2 weeks but Apple have taken a few weeks to put this new app live which caused a delay for recently submitted custom apps. Your new app should now be ready in the next week or two. We're sorry for any delay in receiving your custom app.

How do I add my written profile and image for my clients to see in the app?

To change the written profile login to the web portal and select Create my mini-site > Add Content. Then write in what you want under about you.

To add your app profile image login to the app with your trainer details and click Settings > Edit profile image.

I'm no longer a member of PT Distinction but this new app looks awesome, can I try it out?

Yes, if you login to the software with your previous login details you should be able to reactivate your account for another free trial. If you then set up a test client you can use the app and have a good play around - Click here to login, set up a client and test the new app.

If you're not already a member you can test out the world highest rated personal training software and app with a free trail here.

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