The Future of Fitness

Nov 7, 2014

By Tim Saye

I've found you some statistics that show where the future of fitness coaches should be heading.

In 2012 Life Fitness commissioned an independent survey of over 700 gym users relating technology to their fitness experience.

72 percent of exercisers use some type of technology device during their workout program and more than half consider themselves more successful at achieving their weight and fitness goals because of it.

76 percent of young exercisers said they currently use websites, apps and/or social media to support their workouts.

57 percent of exercisers surveyed use a smart phone and/ or tablet during their work out.

Nearly three-quarters of those aged 50 or younger believe they would work out more if they had access to their personal training content while exercising.

These numbers are only growing as technology becomes a more accepted part of everyday life.

Through PT Distinction's online personal training software you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of these growing changes and to incorporate your coaching process in to smartphone and tablet technology (Have you seen how good the new set up looks on Ipad?!).

Add in the support of scheduled or repeating encouragement and accountability emails and you have a strong combination for your clients success

….. and…….

……ensuring your fitness business moves with the times.