The Easiest Way to Package Hybrid Model Coaching

Feb 27, 2017

By Tim Saye

There's a myriad of ways to package the hybrid coaching model, so many ways in fact that the whole thing can get very confusing for you and for your clients.

Obviously confusion is not a good thing so in this case I see simple as the best possible option.

So here's the easy way to add online coaching to your face to face personal training packages.

The most common way to package personal training is in blocks of sessions. This is the accepted norm so if it's how you have your packages set up then continue this way.

Some trainers will have packages set up in blocks of time such as a 6 week package. That's fine as well.

The point here is whatever you currently charge for your training sessions, don't change it.

When offering online coaching on top to bring the best of best worlds solution known as the hybrid coaching model simply set it up as a monthly subscription and add it on top of your current training packages.

So, lets say you charge $97 a month for your additional coaching and $600 for 12 training sessions.

You get your client to set up a direct debit payment for $97 a month. Then take separate payments for your training sessions at the start of each pack of 12 sessions. This way one does not effect the other and your packages remain very simple to understand and sign up for.

If a client goes on holiday you continue to coach them and continue to receive your $97 a month. They won't be doing any face to face training sessions during this time so won't pay for any. As you can see this method of packaging takes away any potential sticking points from a clients point of view.

The next point to consider is what do you put in your coaching package?

- The coaching package should consist of everything your client needs to hit their goals that is not contained in the training sessions you do with them. Some simple ideas would be:

- Training sessions to do on their own – You may include one gym based workout, one home based workout and one super short (15 mins or less if possible) home workout for the busy times. Obviously if their goals are high level S & C or hypertrophy then you may be restricted with the short home based options.

- Nutrition coaching videos – Lessons such as why balancing fat is good, why vegetables help you lose weight, how to read food labels, how to chose good lunches in various restaurant chains, how to measure portion sizes by sight, how to cook certain quick and healthy meals etc...

- Recipes – Healthy but tasty recipes that will help them eat well and enjoy food.

- Daily habits to track – Habit coaching has been shown to bring amazing long term success, read more about it here .

- Occasional food diary - Get all the details of what they eat with little food diary snapshots.

- Motivational videos - These can be motivation from you or just videos you find on YouTube, either way motivational videos can really help some-ones mindset and keep them going when times get tough.

If there's anything else you feel will help your client out just drop it in there.

The best way to deliver it to clients is to drip feed content. You never want to overwhelm your client so simply provide what is needed at any given time for your client to achieve the results they desire.

In real life it may look a little like this:

- A PDF recipe book given on day one.
- Three workout options a month that they can chose from. These are the same for one month and then change the next month.
- A daily habit to focus on and track like this . You could chose 1 or 2 habits a month depending on the client.
- A weekly coaching video to go alongside the current habit.
- A weekly inspiration/ motivation video to help them out when times are tough.
- A couple of days food diary at the end of each month.

That's about it.

In the next part of our hybrid coaching series we will look at how to use PT Distinctions personal training software to deliver this to your clients in a really time effective manor that is also very easy for your clients.