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The Best Personal Trainer Marketing Companies for PTs

June 8, 2018
tim saye

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The fitness industry is becoming increasingly saturated, personal trainers can get a certificate in as little as a few weeks in the UK and the other parts of the world are not much behind in granting qualifications. In your very own neighborhood, you may find a handful of certified personal trainers (and many uncertified ones too), who are vying for attention from the same, small group of prospective customers. When you advance in to online personal training it can get even more competitive.

To get noticed, encourage contact, and inspire conversions, it’s essential that you stand out. Unfortunately, not every one of us is a Joe Wicks or Cassey Ho. Marketing and networking don’t come easily to most personal trainers and the majority of courses don’t teach you how to run a business or market your services. If you feel you need help with your marketing, instead of spending hours of your own time, this guide is for you.

When choosing a marketing company to help improve your digital profile and presence, it’s useful to select a company that specialises in personal trainer marketing. Why? Marketing agencies that specialise in fitness marketing will be well-versed in the problems plaguing personal trainers. They will have a better understanding of how to assess the psyche of your target market.

To help you make an informed decision about your personal training marketing, we’ve created a list of 6 of the top fitness marketing companies geared towards helping personal trainers and fitness businesses with their fitness marketing.

Clicks to Customers

Stephen Craven started Clicks to Customers to show fitness professionals, gym owners and personal trainers how to approach online marketing, and specifically Facebook marketing to get the best results and best ROI from their ads.

Stephen dropped out of university, despite that, got a job for one of the biggest independent bookmakers in the UK. He helped take them from £5 million to £50 million in just 4 years. He then spent some time with a specialist digital marketing agency, before being headhunted for a large e-commerce firm.

2 and a ½ years later, after taking several business from £0 to £150,000 turnover within their first year, and being put in charge of over £1 million of Facebook ad spend, Stephen resigned to focus on own business.

Now he’s working with 2 of the biggest fitness personalities in the world and overseas the online marketing of many gyms, personal trainers and online coaches.

Online Fitness Profits

Founded by master trainer Dan Clay in 2003, Online Fitness Profits is one PT marketing website that’s backed by solid, veritable experience. Clay, a personal trainer by profession, started his fitness studio Dangerously Fit with just $3 in his pocket. Soon, after learning the art of fitness marketing, he went on to create a half-a-million dollar empire in less than two years. Today, Clay has helped 6 personal trainers set up fitness chains and centers of their own across the world.

The best thing about Online Fitness Profits is how all the direction they provide you has already been tried and tested. Clay implements his teachings at Dangerously Fit and only when that works, does he recommend them to his clients. Each session with Clay is extremely personalised, and you can be sure that this fitness marketing pro will create a bespoke marketing plan suited to your exact needs.

Apart from mentoring, Online Fitness Profits can also help you with website review and re-design, SEO, and social media marketing.

My Personal Trainer Website

Are you looking for an end-to-end personal training marketing solution? Look no further than My Personal Trainer Website. The company specialises in managed website design service for personal trainers and fitness facilities across the Globe.

Founded by Dan Salcumbe, experienced personal trainer, web designer and online marketer, My Personal Trainer Website offers clients both website building services and post-live support in the form of unlimited revisions, timely software updates, website hosting, and most importantly, fitness marketing coaching. Their service is ideal for trainers who need someone to provide the tools and support they need to create their online presence from scratch or need a full brand overhaul. They will take care of designing your layout, writing the website copy and integrate any apps and features you need to support your online fitness marketing strategy.

The websites that the company creates for clients are mobile optimized and highly-professional. You can also opt-in for their content management, email marketing, advanced and localized SEO marketing and social media management services all of which comes with full tech support and is tailored to your fitness business needs.

The team at My Personal Trainer Website doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and work with you to create the perfect, effective website your business needs to convert leads into clients.

Alloy Marketing

If you’re just starting out as a freelance personal trainer, a company like Alloy Marketing can be ideal to check out. Started in 2011, this young company has been working with multiple brands and organizations, helping them create effective digital marketing channels for their business.

Recently, they branched out into fitness marketing, and now persona training marketing takes up more than 50% of their client base. The team at Alloy Marketing call themselves ‘diehard fitness freaks’ and specialise in a variety of services including national and local SEO marketing, website design, branding & logo design, social media posting, social media art direction, web copy re-write, and flyer design. They also have a PR wing which produces press releases, PR kits, and social media news for branding.


Sundried is first-and-foremost an active wear brand, specializing in the design and manufacture of sportswear clothing for men and women. The company works with athletes and sportspeople from various backgrounds to create highly-durable clothing that feels good, looks good and lasts long.

This experience in the fitness world has allowed them to branch out into another key area of business – fitness marketing. Today, Sundried is as well-known for their personal trainer marketing services as they are for their spectacular clothing line.

The brand has its very own blog, dedicated to fitness marketing, where they share tips and tricks that can help personal trainers and fitness professionals create super-effective marketing campaigns with ease. All the tips that the company provides are tried-and-tested, ensuring that you receive only the very best inputs about online marketing.

Marketing For Gyms

Co-founder and CEO of fitness conglomerate Marketing For Gyms, Frank Smarrelli is a legend in health & fitness circles. A personal trainer, sales consultant and fitness marketing guru rolled-into-one, Smarrelli has been helping fitness professionals grow their business since the 2000s. Extremely passionate about fitness and marketing, he offers bespoke marketing consulting to personal trainers around the world.

With experienced web designer and e-commerce expert Brad Cusworth (who has 18 years’ experience in fitness marketing), Smarrelli works on helping personal trainers and gym owners to identify their markets, engage prospects, and inspire conversions.

Together, Smarrelli and Cusworth have created multiple software and platforms specifically designed to be used for fitness marketing. Their software are used by studios and professional athletes around the world.

The duo also runs a nationally accredited PT Business Accelerator program that has been credited to help personal trainers start and nurture their fitness businesses and take their personal training services to the next level. With 12 super-specialised and highly-engaging modules, the accelerator program will train all personal trainers on the ins and outs of fitness marketing.

Grow Your Business with Expert Help

Research shows that 49% of businesses don’t have a clear online marketing strategy. The rest are either unaware of how effective their digital marketing strategies are or do not have any strategies in place at all.

Partnering with a marketing company can help your brand overcome this and help push your fitness business up the ladder of success.

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