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Benefits of Nutrition Tracking in Online Programs

May 11, 2023
Tim Saye

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Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. So if you're an online personal trainer looking to strengthen your business throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond, adding nutrition tracking to your online training services can be the solution.

As an online trainer, nutrition services can cover a range of options: general healthy eating advice, food logging, goal-specific nutrition advice, or personalized nutrition and habit coaching.

Including nutrition tracking for your online personal training services serves your clients' fundamental fitness goals, whatever they may be, and it will also deliver many benefits for your business. With PT Distinction, you can coach and track nutrition with ease.

Benefit 1. Supports Specific Goals and Unlocks Better Client Results

It's the oldest cliche in the book, but you cannot out-train a bad diet. So incorporating nutrition advice should be on the agenda if you're genuinely committed to delivering your clients the best service and results. When clients nail the amount of food and nutrients their body needs and stay consistent, they will see improvement in pretty much any fitness goal, including body composition, athletic performance, or longevity.

When you include nutrition tracking as a feature for your clients, you can create effective online training plans to aide their unique fitness goals. After all, a weight loss journey could vastly differ from one focused on gaining muscle mass, improving strength and performance, or rehabilitation following an injury.

Benefit 2. Fuels Workouts and Aids Recovery

Building on supporting fitness goals with nutrition tracking, you can also ensure that your clients are full of energy to perform their workouts, recover between sessions and increase their chances of preventing injury.

Protein intake is crucial to ensure your clients can hold onto or add muscle mass, but it also helps their body to repair muscle tissue during rest and sleep. At the same time, carbohydrate intake is essential for fuelling workouts and aiding better sleep. Not taking on enough fuel for workouts can impact performance levels. This is true for both cardio and strength training.

So, how much of each nutrient your clients need will depend on their specific parameters, like goal body weight, exercise frequency, and intensity. However, most people need to be educated on nutrition. Your advice and providing them with a nutrition tracking tool will allow them to maintain energy levels and perform their workouts to their best efforts. When supported by the enhanced recovery aspects, the threat of skipping subsequent sessions is significantly reduced. In turn, clients stay more consistent.

Benefit 3. Position Yourself as an Expert

Most people hire personal trainers because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. This can make the journey confusing, inconvenient, and very unenjoyable. Those issues undoubtedly apply to nutrition too.

Becoming an expert in that field and making fitness and nutrition coaching more accessible and enjoyable can become crucial to your personal training branding efforts. In addition, online nutrition coaching can focus on simple recipes that fit busy lifestyles and even look for great options for sharing with friends.

An individual client could also benefit from recipes tailored to food allergies. Either way, a dedicated healthy eating strategy that includes nutrition tracking for accountability may help them save money on groceries, making your service even more valuable to the client.

Benefit 4. Keeps Clients Accountable

Consistency is unquestionably one of the most critical ingredients in the recipe for sustained success in any life goal. Fitness is no different. Some clients find staying consistent with their fitness plans easy. Others might struggle and need support and tools that help them to stay on track.

Whether an individual's internal motivation is attributed to improved health, fitness, or body image doesn't matter. They will want to see results and be happy to use any accountability tools. The fact that offering nutrition tracking for online training supports quicker progress will encourage clients to keep going. Better still, it takes their trust in your services to a new level.

Benefit 5. Boosts Your Earning Potential

As a personal trainer that cares about the client, delivering world-class services is an ongoing priority. Still, it would be best to remember to make calculated business decisions.

The average salary of a personal trainer in the United States is about $48,000 with the lowest end earning $39,000 per year and the high earners around $87,000. So if you'd like to belong to the latter, you'll need to find ways to add specialties to your online personal training services.

You can take nutrition tracking to the next level and develop a complete nutrition coaching element for your core offer to serve your clients better. In exchange, you'll boost your earning potential.

Instead of paying a nutritionist to help them, clients will gladly pay you more to receive a comprehensive service so long you can deliver and get them the desired result. Thus, adding nutrition coaching could increase your earning potential in two main ways:

You can expand your client base.

More customers will translate to increased prospects, not least in revenue generation. The additional nutrition tracking service for online training can only aid your cause.

Completing an appropriate nutrition course for personal trainers will boost your appeal to a larger audience, but your service will become a far better solution for anyone needing a structured plan that covers exercise and healthy eating.

Secondly, you will now appeal to clients who only want nutritional support if that's something you'd like to venture into. They may already have a good training plan or want to improve their eating habits for a better quality of life. Either way, you'll now be positioned to support them.

The sports nutrition industry currently shows a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4%. In short, athletes of all levels are now increasingly aware of nutrition's impact on their path to success. There has never been a better time to embrace it.

Your clients' success will be your success, and their sense of achievement and general happiness about their transformation will provide new clients to your business.

You can increase individual customer lifetime values.

The customer lifetime value (CLV) defines the total revenue gained from a client over their lifetime.

By offering nutrition and exercise coaching, bundling those services together as package deals will be possible. It gives the customer better value and a more comprehensive service while simultaneously making each client worth more money to the business. Once you have built a loyal following, your monthly revenue will soar.

Better still, the fact that plans covering fitness and nutrition will unlock better results for clients means that your customer retention rate should improve. As a result, their subscriptions will continue generating revenue while removing the pressure to recruit new clients.

Based on the Pareto Principle 80% of your revenue could come from 20% of your customers. By adding the additional revenue stream of online nutrition coaching to your brand, you can also make the most of this in your venture.

The Final Word

Getting clients to track their food intake will encourage them to take greater accountability. When they are additionally supported by clear guidance and tips perfectly aligned with their goals, your business will be more successful than ever.

PT Distinction members can add nutrition tracking to their online training services via the food diary and meal management tools, allowing you to deliver the additional content through the same platform as the training plans. So if this is something you're considering, you can try PT Distinction for free to see if that's what you're looking for.

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