The Benefits of Being a Face To Face Trainer Before Going Online

Feb 21, 2018

By Tim Saye

Before starting as an online trainer getting experience and education as a face to face trainer and/ or hybrid trainer gives you a huge advantage.

Working as an online trainer/ coach is a dream scenario for many great personal trainers. We all know it gives you the freedom to make your own choices in life, to work at the times that suit you, and from any location you wish to.

Maybe this means you spend more time with your family, perhaps it means you see friends more often, it could mean an improved love life, or the ability to travel the world while earning a good income. You may just want to help a lot more people than you can face to face.

Whatever it means to you training people online gives huge freedom and choices to live life on your own terms so it's tempting to jump straight in to online coaching as soon as you can.

However, there are huge advantages to trainers who take the time to learn their craft in a face to face environment first.

Most trainers who stand out online;

- Are able to do something exceptional that shows the true value of your service.

- Know how different types of programming effect different clients.

- Are able to coach clients to change daily habits and get long term results.

- Get great results.

- Have testimonials proving your skills and results.

Getting these foundations in place is far easier when you have good face to face experience and education.

When you have those foundations in place becoming a successful online trainer is as simple as putting together some packages and prices, replicating your face to face training online, and spreading the word about what you do.

Without those foundations in place any trainer will find it hard to stand out above the noise of low cost training apps and budget price programs.

Transferring your skills from face to face training to online coaching can be very simple.

If you're a skilled personal trainer who works closely with each person as an individual to get the best out of them then you offer one to one online training.

If your superpower lies in group training, motivating a group to get amazing results together and support each other along the way then group online training is for you.

Some 1-1 trainers worry about not being able to scale their online business as each client demands a lot of time. If you're a member of PT Distinction this is never a problem, you just utalise the power of the personal training software to automate repetitive tasks and make more use of the advanced tools in PTD Groups like this;

The key here is simple, the best way to grow a substantial online training business is to be great at your craft as a trainer and coach, get great results, show those results to the world, bring in more clients and get more great results. Then systemise a few more things to scale to larger numbers of clients.

If the foundations are solid great growth is simple.