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Social Media Updates June 2023

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July 13, 2023
tim saye

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It's time to dive into the June edition of the latest social media updates for personal trainers and fitness professionals.

From the introduction of the exciting new social channel "Threads" to LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp updates, this blog is jam-packed with invaluable insights specifically tailored for personal trainers like you.

Introducing Threads

With an astounding five million sign-ups within the first four hours and an incredible 100 million in just a matter of days Threads has become one of the most popular social media launches ever.

But what exactly is Threads? Simply put, it's a new way to share content

with your fitness community. In your Threads feed, you'll discover threads from the people you follow and handpicked recommendations from exciting new creators you have yet to discover.

Introduction to threads for personal trainers

Your posts can be up to 500 characters long, complete with links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length. One feature we like is that you can share your Threads posts to your Instagram story or use them as links on any other platform. It's never been easier to amplify your content and connect with your audience.

They have made it quick and easy to sign up. Simply download the app from the App Store, or Google Play Store and log in using your existing Instagram account. Your username carries over, allowing you to customize your Threads profile once created.

A couple of drawbacks of using Threads is that, unlike Twitter, you currently can not use hashtags, making it almost impossible for anyone with a usual follower number and engagement to find a new audience. Additionally, it does not have a search function that allows you to search for phrases linked to your business area.

Meta: Facebook June Updates

Just the one update from Facebook in June, The platform wants to make it easier for you to be discovered and make money

Facebook has introduced exciting updates to streamline reel creation, which it hopes will help monetize the platform for personal trainers. The new features include an Inspiration Hub and Templates Hub, offering fresh content ideas and trending templates.

Helping Creators Get Discovered and Earn Money on Facebook

Editing reels is now easier with a unified audio, music, and text editing screen. Trainers can create reels from long-form videos and Lives, while ProMode offers professional tools and growth opportunities.

Insights and monetization options have also been enhanced. Facebook is now the go-to platform for effortless reel creation, wider reach, and monetization for personal trainers.

LinkedIn June Updates

LinkedIn has had two feature launches in June, which will help personal trainers navigate the platform.

Company pages can now send and receive direct messages

A simple update that is useful for personal trainers looking to start conversations on the platform.

Company pages can now send and receive direct messages

LinkedIn wants to make it as easy as possible to reach your target audience, so they are starting to roll out Page messaging. This will allow for a two-way conversation, so if a potential fitness client has a question about one of your services, they can reach out directly to your brand page through their page.

LinkedIn shares insights about its algorithm

Are you the kind of fitness business owner who wants to understand how social media platforms choose what posts to show over others?

Well, LinkedIn has released some of its algorithm criteria to help you get the most from the platform

YouTube June Updates

In YouTube’s latest Creator video, they have announced some new ways for personal trainer creators to use the platform in June

 Testing the option to create Shorts Replies to comments

YouTube will run an experiment allowing mobile viewers to create shorts featuring comments posted on videos they’re watching. The platform wants to explore other ways of offering potential customers to create content from comments. Check out this video from YouTube explaining the update.

Meta: WhatsApp June Updates

Do you manage your communications with your personal trainer clients on WhatsApp? Then this update will help you. The platform is launching a new feature that enables fitness businesses to send personalized messages to their clients.

Reach more customers on WhatsApp

You will easily be able to send customized messages, such as appointment reminders, new product releases, or any sales updates, with the addition of including your customer's name and call-to-action buttons.

This messaging system allows your PT business to connect with customers in a more personalized manner, improving customer relationships and streamlining communication processes.

Over to You

Of course, we will be looking very closely at the evolution of Threads, as having a Twitter-like social platform that can utilize Meta’s data sounds like one day it could be a powerful social media channel.

Try out these updates for yourself, and let us know how you have used them in your fitness business.

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