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Social Media Updates for March 2023

March 9, 2023
tim saye

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In this post, we'll look at the most significant social media updates from last month and how they might impact your social media marketing efforts in March. From new features to algorithm changes, we've got you covered on all the latest happenings in social media. So let's dive in and see what's new in social media!


Meta is currently in the process of testing a new subscription bundle called Meta Verified. This bundle includes account verification with impersonation protections and increased visibility and support. This bundle aims to simplify establishing a presence on Instagram or Facebook, particularly for creators, so they can concentrate on cultivating their communities.

With Meta Verified, you’ll get the following:

- A verified badge confirming you’re the real you and that your account has been authenticated with a government ID.

- More protection from impersonation with proactive account monitoring for impersonators who might target people with growing online audiences.

- Help when you need it with access to a real person for common account issues.

- Increased visibility and reach with prominence in some platform areas– like search, comments, and recommendations.

- Exclusive features to express yourself in unique ways.


In February, YouTube made a couple of important updates to its product. These updates encompass a variety of new features and improvements that have been introduced to enhance the user experience.

Measure Podcasts in Studio

YouTube is conducting a test to evaluate the capability of producing and assessing podcasts in YouTube Studio.

As part of the experiment, YouTube is introducing a feature that allows creators to distribute their podcasts on YouTube efficiently. Those who participate in the test will have the ability to:

1. Upload a podcast by clicking on Create > New podcast.

2. Locate all their podcasts in the Content menu under a newly created Podcasts tab.

3. Designate existing playlists as podcasts by clicking on the three-dot menu > Set as a podcast.

Additionally, creators will be able to assess the performance of their podcasts using analytics, which will provide insights into performance, audience, and revenue for each podcast show. This test will have a minor impact on a select group of creators globally using YouTube Studio on a desktop.

YouTube Shorts - Reply to Comments

YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows you to respond to comments posted on your channel using Shorts. This feature is similar to the existing text comment reply system, but with Shorts, your reply will notify the commenter and appear in the comment feed below the original comment.

If you want to reply to a comment using a Short, you can do so by following these steps:

1. First, go to the watch page of the Short or another video you want to reply to.

2. Look for the comment you want to respond to and tap the "Reply" button.

3. Tap "Create" to open the Shorts creation experience with the selected comment displayed in a comment sticker.

4. Once in the creation experience, you can drag the comment sticker to reposition it or pinch to resize it. You can also use other creative features available on the platform.

Currently, this is only available on iPhones, and iPad


During February, Meta has been quite occupied as they introduced numerous product updates. Instagram has brought us the following updates:

Broadcast Channels

Instagram is launching a new feature called broadcast channels, which is a messaging tool that enables creators to interact with their followers on a larger scale. This new feature allows creators to share behind-the-scenes moments and keep their followers informed using text, photos, videos, voice notes, and polls. The tool is being tested and will be available to select users soon.

Creators can also use voice notes to share their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments and even create polls to crowdsource fan feedback. Only creators can send messages in broadcast channels, while followers can react to content and vote in polls.

Gifts Expansion

Instagram has expanded its gift feature to more creators in the US, giving them a new way to monetize their content and earn money from their audience. The gifting feature was initially tested in November, allowing followers to show their appreciation to creators through direct monetary support.

Supporters can purchase virtual gifts, called Stars, directly within the Instagram app, which can be used to express their appreciation for the content creator creatively. These gifts can result in earning money for the creator.

To check eligibility, creators can visit their Professional Dashboard on Instagram. Gifts are just one of the many ways Instagram is helping people make a living and grow their community. Instagram plans to expand the gift feature to more creators soon.


TikTok’s latest update, “Creativity Program Beta” is designed to help creators unlock more creative opportunities and create more revenue opportunities.

TikTok created this program based on feedback from creators who use their other tools, like the TikTok Creator Fund. The program will be available to a few creators by invitation first and then to all eligible US creators in the next few months.

To start earning, creators must create and publish high-quality, original content longer than one minute. In addition, creators will have access to an updated dashboard to view video eligibility, estimated revenue, and video performance metrics and analytics.

That’s it for the social media updates for March

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