Sneak Peak Inside Our New Calendar And Alerts System

Sep 20, 2016

By Tim Saye

This may be the most requested feature we have ever had as an addition to our online personal training software

We built it once, it wasn't great enough - Too time consuming putting every little item in to a calendar.

We improved it, it wasn't great enough - It had to be so simple that clients could never fail to understand what they need to do each day.

We Improved it again, it wasn't great enough - It had to be so simple and uniform that every trainer could use it, save time and produce something better in seconds.

We're putting the finishing touches on it, and it's awesome!

This is no standard calendar and alerts system that dictates what you're alerted of and takes time to put every appointment in your diary. This is a calendar super-powered by the usual PT Distinction magic!

With it's launch imminent I want to give you a sneak peak inside and show you how to set it up with your training programs.

Of course, you can use it to schedule, assessments, coaching videos, coaching documents, habit tracking, questionnaires and emails.... And you will be able to track and receive alerts for any client action you chose.

Here's your video showing how to set it up for your training program delivery, enjoy!