Set Up and Automate Your Online Challenges in Minutes

Apr 28, 2017

By Tim Saye

I'm starting off this PT Distinction time savers series of videos by showing you how to really quickly set up an online fitness challenge. Online fitness challenges have become the most effective way to bring in new clients and get people interested in your online services.

Once you position your challenges correctly you should set them up and automate the whole delivery so you can get as many members in to each challenge as possible.

Some trainers would do it in a Facebook group, this obviously doesn't display your services, it doesn't show what you offer very well and it doesn't maximise the number of people buying your services. A Facebook group is a fantastic add on to a challenge. Facebook groups help you build community, relationships and add extra coaching.

For a challenge to be truly effective in converting members to paid clients it needs to accurately reflect the quality of your paid service.

So here's how set up and automate an online fitness challenge extremely quickly using PT Distinction.

Every client you add to PT Distinction is free for their first 30 days, so running these challenges at any time is absolutely free to you as a part of any package.