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PTD Flow - Quickly Make an Online Assessment

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May 9, 2024
Tim Saye

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Welcome to PTD Flow! Join us as we show you how easy it is to do online personal training with PT Distinction.

In our second video, we show you how to quickly make an online assessment for your clients.

Transcript of video

Making a quality online assessment for your clients in PT Distinction is very easy.

To start with, come up to library and choose assessments you can take from our pre made assessments and share that with your clients or your groups if you wish to by clicking the three dot menu and then copy to client or group to make one from scratch.

Just click on add and create new. Give it a name and then come down to the sections and add the tests that you want in each one of your sections.

To do that, click on add assessment test and then choose the test that you like and add. You can add in as many tests as you want in exactly the same way.

So we've got sections for postural assessment and movement screen range of motion tests, strength, endurance and power tests, body composition analysis, cardiovascular tests and custom tests.

To add to any of these, just go to the category and click on the add a test to add a custom test, come down here and add a test.

Create new, give it a name and then add a video if you wish to. This can be from your device or from Vimeo or YouTube by copying and pasting a link and then you can add in a description.

When you've done press save. When you're happy with the assessment, just click on the save assessment button and it is all done.

So very quick, very very easy. All of these tests will have description for your clients. If needed.

They will have a video for your clients and your clients will have space to record any results they want to or you will have space to record any results.

If you want to do it, live with them. To see the assessment, come back into the templates and from there you can click the three dot menu and copy to any of your clients or your groups.

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