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PTD Flow - Build Your First Training Program

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May 17, 2024
Tim Saye

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Welcome to the third in our PTD Flow video series, where we show you how easy it is to do online personal training with PT Distinction

This video will show you how to build your first training program for your clients using the PT Distinction personal trainer software.

Transcript of video

In PTD flow video three, we're going to look at how you build your first training program for your clients.

First up, go to your client's dashboard. Inside your client's dashboard, go to the green Add button and select program.

For this we will create new. Name your program and save. That takes you into the program builder where you can get started building your workouts so you can name the section.

I just call this one a warmup. And then to find exercises just start typing the exercise name into your search box.

It's got a smart search so you can do parts of the name and it will come up for you. You can then add more exercises in much the same way you can also do a browse exercises if you can't find the exercise that you're looking for. So to do that, click on browse exercise and you can go through any of the categories here and have a look.

To add one, simply select and it will add into your program. You can come down to add a section to add another section to your workout. So you may have done your warm up and you could call this one main workout and continue building with the search exercises or browse exercises.

You can also add new workouts to your program. Just click on add a workout to add new workouts. Adding sets and reps is very simple. You can either click in here and go through and do that, or to take a bit of time, you can come to the section three dots and do all sets reps.

This is a great time saver so you might just go through. You can do any that you like and leave any that you like and save. So once you've done that, it will do it for all of the exercises in your section and you can edit any or add to any if you wish to.

You can create supersets and circuits by coming over to the build circuit link and drag and dropping it to where you want it to be. You can unlink by clicking again on the bottom and drag and drop to make whatever kind of circuit you would like.

When you're happy with your program, just come up and press save and that is your program completely made.

So you can see it's really, really fast, really really easy to put together training programs in PT Distinction as you get experience in building the programs, there's some brilliant tools built into PT Distinction that will save you loads and loads of time and I will show you those in the next video.

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