PT Distinction Webinars - Linh Trinh on Filling your Challenges and Flagship Programs

Jun 30, 2017

By Tim Saye

One of the great perks of my role here at PT Distinction is getting to chat with, and pick the brains of the brightest minds in the online personal training arena.

In January this year I got the chance to chat to a man who has probably changed the face of the online personal training industry more than any other, Linh Trinh.

Linh made challenges and flagship products extremely popular and in the process has helped hundreds of personal trainers help hundreds of online clients.

In this webinar Linh tells us how to fill up your challenges, how to convert challenge members in to your paid products and how to create a substantial online training business in a very short time period.

To find out about Linh and learn more from him check out his 6 Figure Online Coach Webinar.

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