PT Distinction 2.0 is Live!!

Oct 31, 2014

By Tim Saye

PT Distinction 2.0 is up and running.

Yesterday I told you of all the extra goodies we have included in your membership and what it can do for you and your clients.

As a little Bonus we have added 2 free, extra client accounts to all of our current members.……..

…….. The new PT Distinction online personal training software is amazing for coaching face to face PT and bootcamp clients as well as just online so perhaps you can try it out with a couple of those…….

……. It really is a way to stand out like a Lion in a pet shop!!

Thank you all for your feedback and continued support.

Former members and trialists have all got another 1 week free trial to check the new version out.

Log in and have a good play around…. We have worked hard to make it very intuitive so for those that just like to get on with it, this should be pretty easy……Though it is very different in set up than before.

We have also put back up the helpful tasks… These will work as a guided walkthrough of the whole thing….. Much like those earphones you get at a museum!

If you keep in mind it is all based around your clients and client groups then you should get the hang pretty quickly.

Feel free to get on with the integration in to your own website… Instructions and code are based under “more” then “your website”.

I’ll be on email all day so if you have any questions then fire them at me.

We hope you love it as much as we do,

Tim and The Team