New Exercises Coming Soon.

Dec 19, 2017

By Tim Saye

We regularly add exercises to the library inside PT Distinction based on your requests.

Another new batch of videos has been made. These are currently having descriptions written before we put them in to our online personal training software to go live.

Here's a list of what we've recorded and hope to have live for you to use in the next week or two.

As always if you have any further requests feel free to send them our way.

Battle Rope - Alternating Arms
Battle Rope - Double Arm
Battle Rope with Half Squat – Alternating Arms
Battle Rope with Half Squat – Double Arm
Decline Bench Press
Dynamic Piriformis Stretch
Firemans Walk with Dumbbells
Firemans Walk on Stairs with Dumbbells
Hand Walk Out and Tuck Jump
Hand Walk Outs
High Knees
Hill Sprints
Alternating Jump Lunges
Single Leg Jump Lunges
Jump Squat with TRX
Kneeling Barbell Rollouts
Med Ball Wall Passes
Med Ball Wall Passess on BOSU
Med Ball Slams - Side to Side
Med Ball Slams
Mountain Climber with Jump
Mountain Climber with Jump to Step
Multi Angle Hops
Multi Planer Lunges
Power Jacks
Power Press Up
Power Press Up - Kneeling
Power Press Up From Step
Power Press Up to Step
Power Press Up on Bench
Zig Zag Press Up with feet on Swiss Ball
Rope Pulls
Single Arm Press Up
Single Arm Twist and Press with Cable
Single Leg Dead Lift with TRX
Single Leg Lunge With Twist - Med Ball
Slam Ball Slams
Squat Tuck Jumps
Squat with Suspension Trainer
Stair Sprints
Standing Single Leg Calf Raise - Bent Knee
Suspension Trainer Ice Skaters
Suspension Trainer Jumps
5 metre Shuttle runs
10 metre Shuttle runs
15 metre Shuttle runs
20 metre shuttle runs
10 metre Sprint
20 metre sprint
50 metre sprint
Reverse Crunch
Body Bar
Bird Dog
V Sits
TRX Reverse Mountain Climber
TRX Side Plank
Bear Crawl
Prowler Push
Sledge Pulls
Reverse Sledge Pulls
Tire Flips
Jumping Jacks
Skipping with Rope
Frog Jumps
Kipping Pull Up

For reference here's a link to the previous batch we added.