Odd Tweak That can Double Your Clients Adherence to Online Training

Dec 19, 2017

By Tim Saye

When giving your clients any form of written instruction the font you use can be much more important than you think.

This study by Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz showed that readers of a simple font were more likely to make a commitment and stick to it than readers of the same information in a more complex font.

More specifically this study looked at people committing to an exercise regime. Those that were instructed in a more complex font perceived the workouts to be nearly twice as long as those instructed using the simple font.

In this particular study the simple font was Arial and the complex one was Brush. Both used a font size of 12.

This perceived time investment and difficulty had a significant impact on the number of people who were happy to commit to the new exercise routine

Song and Schwarz attributed this effect to the ease at which we process information and how we subconsciously link that difficulty level to the task we are being asked to commit to.

The takeaway from this is...

Simple fonts spur action. Any time you want a client to perform a task and you're asking them to do it in writing always look to use simple font.

Given the perceived effort of the task is subconsciously linked to the ease of reading and processing the task also look to use:

An easy to read type size, 12- 14 work well for most situations.


Short sentences with easy to understand words. It's more important to be easy to read than to strictly obey perfect grammar.

Of course this can be used to increase adherence and results when asking your clients to do things such as training programs, fill in their food diary, track habits etc..

You can also use this tweak in your marketing efforts to get new clients. Good examples would be the writing on your website or when asking people to sign up to your programs, complete forms or ask for more information.

Simple font and simple words can have a surprisingly dramatic impact on readers perception of working with you, and on their adherence to any tasks you ask them to do.

Previously we looked at simplifying your packages to get better results with online clients. By combining that with this little tweak whenever you ask a client to take action you can dramatically increase their adherence and results.

To help you with your online training we use simple, easy to read font inside everything your clients will see on PT Distinction..