New Program/ Workout Builder is Live!!!

Feb 14, 2017

By Tim Saye

The new program/ workout builder is now live inside PT Distinction. We believe this is the best program builder in the world for online personal training and remote coaching.

You can create any form of training program with ease, you can do it very quickly, create your programs on any device, create and schedule multiple workouts and progressions on one screen and easily explain every detail for your clients, meaning they know exactly what to do even when you're not standing in front of them.

This program builder could help to take your online training to the next level and will certainly make life easier for you and your clients.

This video shows how to create and schedule multiple workouts and programs.

This video shows how your programs display in the apps to your clients. It also shows how easy you can make it for your clients to understand every step in each workout.

I hope you love the new training program builder as much as we do!