New Look Is Live!

Sep 8, 2015

By Tim Saye

Its taken 7 long months, but the highly anticipated new look of PT Distinction is live!!

Already I've had the joy of emails from happy trainers telling us how great it looks and how happy they are.

Quotes like: - "This looks awesome"
- "New site looks great"
- "New website design is awesome"
- "I really love the new design"
- "Modern, stylish and posh"

All before I have even emailed to say its live!!

We love the new inside but the most important thing is how much you and your clients love it.

In the image conscious fitness industry this is our way of making you look even better. Of course you can still completely customise everything, you'll just be starting with a better looking product!

To quote some of the trainers that have already seen it, your about to look even more "awesome, modern, stylish and posh!"

I hope you love it as much as these guys did. Log in here and Let me know what you think.

PS Expert interview with super successful, high end online PT Tim Drummond has been recorded and will be on the blog very soon.