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New Custom Android Apps are Live!

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December 11, 2020
tim saye

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Great news! All custom Android apps have been updated and put live in Google Play.

If you're a Pro member or above and have submitted your app branding you should have your own awesome new custom app with all of the latest updates.

Please ask your clients to go to the app store and update your app, I think they're in for a very pleasant surprise!!

Here's a quick video showing the easiest way to send all of your clients a link to your new app.

This video shows the new app in action and gives you a guide of it's tools and functionality (note, this video is using the PT Distinction branding, yours will have your own colors and brand).


I've recently updated my brand, can I change my app branding?

Yes! You can change your branding in the app. Changes take around two weeks for our team process and get live in the app stores. To make changes go to the app customization area, select your new colors, add in your logo, icon etc.. and drop new images over the top of your old ones

Do my iOS clients need to update their app?

Not yet, iOS is still the same for now. This app will be updated with the new items from the latest app in the next week or so.

I'm on the free trial can I get my own custom app made?

Yes, but sadly not on the trial. Due to the time consuming nature of making and submitting custom apps they're only available on paid Pro or Master membership levels. You can begin subscription early if you'd like to get your custom app built early, you get given this option if you click Customize my app, put in all of your customizations, then submit the app.

If you'd like to go ahead and do this now your custom apps should be ready in 1-2 weeks time.

Do I have to pay extra to have my own custom app?

No. Custom Android and iOS apps are included in your membership if you're a Pro member or above.

What if I'm on basic membership?

No problem, anytime you feel ready you can upgrade to Pro and add in all of your branding, 1-2 weeks later your custom apps will be ready and live on Android and iOS. You can upgrade by logging in and clicking on your name > Manage my account > Subscription then upgrade.

What's customized in a custom app?

Your custom app has your chosen colors, images, logo, icon, content, and profile. On Android you also have your own name and app store placing, on iOS the app is unbranded (doesn't trace back to PT Distinction) in the store and takes on all of your branding as soon as your client logs in for the first time.

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