MyZone Integration with the new PT Distinction

Sep 20, 2018

By Tim Saye

MyZone is one of the expert tracking devices that integrates in to PT Distinction.

MyZone is a highly accurate heart rate and training intensity tracker. It shows how hard your clients are working in a training session relative to their fitness and age. In essence it adds a golf style handicapping system to training.

The PT Distinction MyZone integration is brilliant for seeing how hard your clients are pushing themselves when training, group competitions, use in online challenges, and giving clients a little extra motivation.

This video gives more detail on MyZone.

Here's how your clients link their MyZone account to PT Distinction.

Once a client's linked up their MyZone account you get a summery of their intensities each time they train with their MyZone belt on. The summery goes directly in to their activity feed in your trainer portal.

This image shows what you see in the workout summary.

If you're new to MyZone and you want to use it with your clients it could be a good idea to set up as a health club so that you can easily group your members and get them discounted belts.

If you just wish to test it out and see how it works with our personal training software first then feel free to use our code to help your clients register their belts and get going. Here's our facility code: PTDUS001