Live Event - Online Personal Training Success

Jul 14, 2017

By Tim Saye

I don't often do live events but I love the lineup for this one so am happy to be involved.

The second event in the PT Toolbox Live Workshop Series is all about online personal training success.

The event will be on the 27th of August at Bath University, 0900hrs-1700hrs.

What will you learn?

If you're looking to become an online personal trainer or already have an online training business then this event will help you to get more clients, use better systems, make more money and develop a better business.

I will be one of four speakers lined up for this event and we are going to be giving amazing value and exclusive information.

The guest speakers and seminars will include...

- Josh Mullin - "How to launch your first online product in less than eight hours for under £100"

- Sukh Sidhu - "Escaping the feast and famine cycle and creating a reliable systemised online fitness business"

- Tim Saye - "Online PT Essentials"

- Tim Drummond - "Building your high price offer and finding your first five high price clients"

Tickets are on sale for £25 and all attendees will receive the lecture slides and a recording of the event. I'd love to meet a few of you guys there and, for anyone that fancies it, first round is on me after the event.

You can book your ticket here.