Less is More Coaching for Amazing Results

Dec 8, 2017

By Tim Saye

The easier you make it for your clients to get results the better.

I often see trainers pack every feature they can in to a package in order to make it sound valuable and justify a reasonable price.

An online training client then logs in to see 300 things in their schedule and an intimidating amount of work to get great results.

This scenario can lead to a lot of extra work for you and your clients with less focus on the things that are really important. People don't buy features they buy a solution to their problem, in most cases for those buying online personal training, this is getting the result that means they achieve their goals.

In the current era most people are also very short of time and have many decisions to make in a day along with many tasks to do.

The most valuable thing you can do for someone is give them great results and save them time.

What this means is a package with hundreds of features is exactly what most clients don't need.

So, a perfect package helps clients get the result they need with the minimum amount of time invested by them.

Here are some suggestions:

- Short training programs that can be done anywhere (maybe give gym options, and home/ office options)

- Reminders and encouraging messages of support.

- Short nutrition coaching videos, teaching simple tweaks that make a big difference.

- A simple Yes/ No daily habit to track.

- Weight measurements and progress photos or tape measurements to take weekly or monthly. To make this even easier and more valuable to them you could send them trousers one size below where they currently are and ask them to try them on each week. The day they fit perfectly will feel great to your client and you can then send the next pair. Yes, a small investment but imagine how this can make your client feel and how great it will be for retaining clients. It's also very quick and easy to put on a pair of trousers.

- Easy stories to read via email about other clients successes, and some information that you feel will help them a little more. (with email people are well used to reading it if they want to and ignoring it if it doesn't interest them, that's cool here).

- Great communications and a way of checking how your clients are getting on and helping with everything they need, video check-ins can be an amazing and time efficient way to do this.

- The ability to check your clients exercises technique if needed.

- 2-3 days a month of food tracking.

That's it.

Too many trainers feel pressure to fill packages with meal plans clients never follow, daily food tracking that takes time, long training programs in the gym 5 days a week, regular phone calls etc.. etc... in order to justify good value in their packages.

To most clients these extras make getting results more time consuming and harder work. Piling things in to your packages usually leads to more work for you and a higher client drop of rate.

With online training you have a great opportunity to make getting results very easy and convenient for your clients. By taking this opportunity you're giving your clients great results AND more time to enjoy their life. This is what creates truly valuable packages and clients that love you.

Taking this less is more approach and combining it with great (but convenient and time efficient!) communication you have a huge chance to change many lives.

Ofcourse you can set all of this up very easily on the worlds leading
personal training software.