Jon Goodman - How to Catch a Lucky Break

Jan 2, 2018

By Tim Saye

At this time of year many people are giving up on old targets and making new resolutions, many will succeed in their resolutions and many will fail.

So often people put their successes or failures down to luck, or lack of it.

It's great to see our trainers adding so many new clients to PT Distinction but I want to help you and your clients “get lucky” and smash your goals.

Last year I had a chat with Jon Goodman, in which we talked about about creating lucky breaks and the strength of weak ties.

Jon knows a thing or two about creating success and making yourself lucky so now seems a good time to share this snippet from our chat to help you get lucky this year!

During the chat Jon refers to a 1973 study called The Strength of Weak Ties and the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell If you click on the links above they will open up in a new tab for you to review.