Janak Patel Interview - How You Can Become a Successful Online Personal Trainer and Create The lifestyle You Want

Dec 8, 2015

By Tim Saye

Having true success as an online personal trainer means you can help hundreds, even thousands of people and you can have a lifestyle with huge freedom.

In this second PT Distinction interview we speak to one of the most successful online personal trainers in the world, Janak Patel.

Janak is the co-founder of the HealthMastery Group. He’s been featured on the Huffington Post, Australasia’s 60 Minutes current affairs show with life hacker Tim Ferris, and has appeared with big name celebrity health experts such as Dr Oz & Dr John Grey.

His company is the creator of dozens of digital/online weight loss solutions sold throughout the world. Janak has a passion for travel & adventure, he now spends his time traveling with his wife and consulting with fitness professionals on how to leverage their fitness knowledge into money-making-assets online.

In this interview Janak shows you:

- How to get yourself on TV, Radio and other national and international publications.
- How to be successful online.
- The lessons he has learned from 7 years of online coaching.
- How to keep big groups of clients accountable and motivated.
- How to set it up on autopilot so that you are not always trading $ for hours.
- How to get your book in to every public library in America
- How he does all of this while travelling the world with his wife!

Janak is the author of the book Fitness Evolution: The Personal Trainers Guide to Ultimate Profit, Success & Lifestyle in the Digital Age. For a limited time, all PT Distinction members and fans can get themselves a FREE copy of his book here: http://www.digitalfitnessmarketer.com/ptdistinction

For more free training resources to help take your fitness business to the next level check out his website www.DigitalFitnessMarketer.com