Introducing the AI Meal Plan Builder


Feb 8, 2024

By Tim Saye

Introducing the AI Meal Plan Builder

Create individual meal plan examples for your clients in no time!

Here's how the New AI Meal Plan Builder can enhance your personal training business:

  1. Time Efficiency: Creating tailored example meal plans manually can be a time-consuming process. With the AI Meal Plan Builder, you can generate personalized meal plan examples in minutes. You can then edit these plans in any way you want to. Save valuable time and energy while ensuring your clients receive the highest level of individualization.

  2. Customization: Our AI algorithms analyze each client's unique weight, goals, activity, training, dietary preferences, and restrictions, generating meal plan examples that are aligned with their needs. Helping you provide a highly personalized and engaging experience that sets you apart from the competition.

  3. Progress and Adaptation: As your clients progress through their fitness journey, their nutritional needs evolve. Our AI-powered builder helps you adjust their meal plan examples accordingly.

Launch of AI Meal Planner Meal plan generator

Example, meal plans are a useful part of your client's nutrition coaching. Until now, they've been tedious to make and difficult to personalize. Now, you can produce individualized meal plan examples in minutes!

With PT Distinction, you can deliver these alongside nutritionist-made coaching articles, video coaching, habit coaching, meal tracking, recipes, and more to provide a truly complete nutrition coaching experience for your clients.

To create a new meal plan and deliver it to your client, go to your client's dashboard, click Add > Coaching > Meal Plan, and select the AI Meal plan builder.